Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 food – not as exciting as the race this year

The 2017 Singapore Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit was the 10th and the most exciting race. Thanks to the rain, the big crash at the start and the subsequent unpredictable race conditions, it was a race night to remember. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 food.  Not that the food was bad. On the contrary, with names that include Nobu and Jean Georges, we can eat here everyday. But unlike the race, the food at the common hospitality area was too similar to past years (see our post for F1 2016). Good, but too predictable.

Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 Flutes

The usual blue-lighted Flutes champagne bar greets the visitors. A few other stands such as the Johnnie Walker booth provides welcome distraction from the races.

Guess who we ran into? Daniel Ricciardo(Red Bull),  who was the eventual second place driver.

Hollywood Road

In terms of food, the most exciting part of Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 was the entry of a new restaurant – Hollywood Road from Hong Kong.

Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road

The two canapés at Hollywood Road were the most memorable food items. Who would have thought of foie gras cotton candy with seaweed? It was fun and tasty. The sea urchin and ponzu on oyster leaf and nori cracker was also a winning combination of unusual flavours.

Foie gras  cotton candy with seaweed

Hollywood Road also served some good warm dishes. But their presentation was a bit haphazard.  They taste better than they look.

Mediterranean prawn with kumquat and herb salad
Maine lobster fried rice
Torched salmon fillet with razor clam

Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 – Nobu

The Nobu restaurant served up their usual classics.  The best dish of the day was the wagyu beef !


Nobu Yuzu Paloma

Jean Georges

Like Nobu, Jean Georges is a large restaurant that served the same good quality but predictable food year after year. The best items were still the black truffle pizza and steamed lobster with pok choy. Now that they have a permanent restaurant – Cookhouse at Dempsey, we can enjoy the delicious pizza all year round.

Black truffle pizza
Stir fried prawns with black pepper sauce
Jean Georges Singapore F1 2017
Crispy maitake mushroom
Steamed lobster with bok choy

Beets and Lemon parfait
Jean Georges Signature Bonbons Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017
Jean Georges Signature Bonbons

Como Cuisine

Como Cuisine is another familiar name at the Singapore Paddock Club. They served our favourite brand of Jamon Iberico – Cinco Jotas. The best dish at this restaurant was the laksa. It was good to see a local dish among the many international offerings. We hope there will be more of them in the future.


Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Tarte by Cheryl Koh, the dessert specialist with a shop at Shaw Centre, whips up more sweet temptations to ensure we do not go home skinny.

Library Bar

The Library Bar was the outlet that had track side tables to drink and watch the cars zoom by. This year we did not eat anything here.

Overall, we thought that the Singapore F1 Paddock Club 2017 food options (other than the addition of Hollywood Road which was a good idea as their food was good and different) were too safe and predictable. Perhaps it was the final year of the 10 year contract and so it did not make sense to make any big changes not knowing whether it would continue. Now that a new contract has been signed, perhaps that will have the same effect as the rain this year to jazz up the excitement at the restaurants of the Singapore Paddock Club.   Cheers!

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