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Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Restaurant on Tras Street

Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Dining on Tras Street Singapore has impressive credentials. According to its website, “Kanda Wadatsumi is strongly backed by Zengyoren Japan Fisheries Association which represents all coastal fishermen in Japan… we started the project of selecting PRIDE FISH from choice of fish which are praised by fishermen from throughout Japan…” A Japanese restaurant in Singapore with direct connections with fishermen in Japan needs to be checked out.  We stopped by for lunch.

The decor of Kanda Wadatsumi looked very much like a typical small restaurant in Japan.  It is a warm and cozy place.

Kanda Wadatsumi Menu

The regular Kanda Wadatsumi lunch menu looks rather pricey starting from the $52 Sushi Course to the $120 8-Course omakase menu. There were two special lunch menus.  The Saturday Special Temaki Set Lunch at $35 per person and the $38 Wadatsumi Omakase Course.  We opted for the latter.  Here are portions from the menu.

Our lunch Wadatsumi omakase course started with an appetizer made of eggplant topped with some vegetables.  We ordered some Denshin Yuki sake with our meal ($26 for 180 ml).


The next item was the sashimi course made up of two slices each of tuna and salmon.  The tuna was very good. I am not sure what kind or cut of tuna it was. Very dark red in colour, it tasted very fresh and had a good bouncy texture. The salmon was quite average.

The next items served were the chawanmushi and a plate of chicken. The chawanmushi was smooth and tasty – very good but the chicken dish was not as good.  It tasted as plain as its looks.

The final savoury dishes were soup and a bowl of rice topped with raw fish. The soup tasted pretty good. The chiraishi was not bad but the raw fish was quite average in taste.   Perhaps our expectations were too high.   The regular menu items at Kanda Wadatsumi costs considerably more. With that in mind, I think our $38++ lunch offers a glimpse into what the restaurant could offer. The tuna sashimi provided that glimpse. The other items were not as outstanding on that day.

Our lunch at Kanda Wadatsumi ended with a scoop of ice cream.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs

Chope Reservations

Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Dining
50 Tras Street Singapore 078989

Tel: +65 62216264

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

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