Katong Kitchen at Village Hotel Katong

Katong Kitchen

Katong Kitchen is the hotel dining space at Village Hotel Katong in Katong V. Katong Kitchen is a very popular destination for halal buffet in the East. For those who can resist the all you can eat buffet, the a la carte menu of Katong Kitchen at Katong V has tempting items as well.

Katong Kitchen

Katong Kitchen is located at Level 4 of Village Hotel Katong (formerly the  Paramount Hotel). Those who are old enough may recall that the space once housed a popular discotheque called Parawave, where every night from Sundays to Thursday was Ladies’ Nite (just so that you know I am not making that up, here is a link to National Library’s digitised version of an article by the defunct newspaper Singapore Monitor).

Katong Kitchen

Some parts of Katong Kitchen still looks like a disco of the 1980s.  On the whole it is spacious with a pleasant decor. There is a central dining space surrounded by the buffet food stations. There is a section at the side which is ideal if you are not having the buffet and prefer a table in an area which is quieter.

Katong Kitchen

Buffet at Katong Kitchen

Buffet at Katong Kitchen

Many people head to Katong Kitchen at Katong V for the buffet.  The menu chnages from time to time. Currently, the pricing is as follows:-

Monday to Saturday Lunch: $38++
Sunday Brunch: $48++
Monday to Thursday Dinner: $48++
Friday to Sunday Dinner: $58++

Below are photos of a few of the buffet stations.

Katong Kitchen Buffet

Katong Kitchen Buffet

Buffet at Katong Kitchen  Katong Kitchen Buffet

Buffet at Katong Kitchen

Buffet at Katong Kitchen

A la Carte Menu of Katong Kitchen

The a la carte menu has the usual Western dishes like roast chicken, grilled lamb, burgers and pastas. There are also tempting local fare such as king prawn Hokkien mee and lobster laksa.

Katong Kitchen Menu

Katong Kitchen Menu

Dinner at Katong Kitchen

We went to Katong Kitchen for dinner and ordered a nasi goreng ($18) and Hainanese chicken rice ($16) from the local section of the a la carte menu.

Nasi Goreng at Katong Kitchen

Their nasi goreng was Malay styled fried rice topped with a fried egg and served with 2 sticks of satay and some archar. The portion was quite generous. It was a basic dish which was very enjoyable.

Nasi Goreng at Katong V - Katong Kitchen

Chicken Rice at Katong V - Katong Kitchen

The serving portion of the Hainanese chicken rice was also very substantial. The amount of chicken served was at least double that in a plate of chicken rice from the typical Singapore chicken rice stalls. The rice was also more than a normal bowlful.  The chicken rice was not bad but there are a few places in Katong where you can get tastier version of Hainanese chicken rice. However, the soup served with Katong Kitchen’s chicken rice would top the soup from the other chicken rice stalls. It was a bowl of flavourful soup with lots of ingredients including some cordyceps flower.

Chicken Rice at Katong Kitchen

Katong Kitchen Katong V

Overall, we thought the food at Katong Kitchen was nice. The dining space was pleasant and the staff were friendly and attentive. Their buffet spread looked tempting. They offer a good mix of local and Asian dishes in their buffet; and Katong Kitchen at Village Hotel Katong is definitely the place to head to if you are looking for a good buffet spread in a restaurant with Muis‘ Halal certification. Katong Kitchen also has a great senior citizen deal – 50% off on buffet. Those who remember the Parawave discotheque will probably qualify for the deal.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs    3 Tops

Katong Kitchen
25 Marine Parade Road
Village Hotel Katong Level 4
Singapore 449536

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Tel: +65 6551 2141

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7-10:30am, 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10pm
Sat-Sun: 7-10:30am, 12-4pm, 6:30-10pm

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