Botanic Garden Activities and Food in November 2017

This is a short post to alert our readers of some interesting Botanic Garden Activities and Food in November 2017.

Concert at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage

Botanic Garden Activities
Botanic Gardens Children’s Festival 2017

Botanic Garden Activities

A Children’s Festival which, we believe, is held in connection with the opening of the new Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. A host of activities have been organised on weekends from 11 to 26 Nov 2017. They include a carnival for children, story-telling and stage performances at the Eco Garden (near the Bukit Timah Gate). Movies are screened there from 7.30 pm. Concerts (normal ones, not just for kids) are held at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage from 6 pm.   Here are pictures of some posters that we spotted.

National Orchid Garden at Botanic Gardens Free Admission 

There is free admission for Singapore residents to the National Orchid Garden during the School Holidays (11 Nov 2017 to 1 Jan 2018). The normal entry price for adults and students above 12 is $5 and $1 each respectively. See website for details. The Orchid Garden is a compact place but is nicely landscaped and stocked full of diverse types of orchids. It seems like a popular place to take bridal pictures. Do not miss the VIP orchid species area where they display the special types created in honour of VIPs. Here is a picture of the Dendrobium orchid named after President and Mrs Obama.

Botanic Garden Activities
National Orchid garden Free Admission

 Dendrobium species named after President and Mrs Obama.

 Dendrobium orchid named after President and Mrs Obama.

There is apparently an orchid named after ACS.   The Papilionanda Anglo-Chinese School was used to create a hybrid for a VIP.   Where are its flowers?  They are as elusive as A grades for Chinese.  There was one behind the sign.


There is a wide range of permanent restaurants at Botanic Gardens ranging from French fine dining and Spanish modern to Singapore local delights. Two restaurants that have recently opened in November 2017 are Food for Tots and Fusion Spoon. See our post on Restaurants at Botanic Gardens for more information and pictures.

Where is a carnival, there is bound to be food. In the case of the Children’s Festival, temporary food stalls are on hand to feed the hungry children during festival hours. The C.O.W. food truck is one of them.

Have fun at the Botanic Gardens activities!

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