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Sky View Pavilion, Chinese restaurant at the Singapore Flyer

We sometimes avoid restaurants that are located at tourist attractions. This is certainly not true in the case of Sky View Pavilion, the Chinese restaurant at the Singapore Flyer. It is situated next to the Marina Bay, across the Gardens by the Bay on the other side. Our previous visit was last year when they were still known as Sky View Kitchen and we had a positive experience (read our post Hugging the dim sum at Sky View Kitchen – new restaurant at Singapore Flyer).  

Sky View Pavilion

Sky View Pavilion, Singapore Flyer

Sky View Pavilion, Entrance

With the change of name from Sky View Kitchen to Sky View Pavilion, we think it signals a change in the confidence of the restaurant. In terms of appearance, the layout seems to be largely unchanged. The main difference being the addition of nice thick tablecloths, which dresses the place up a notch or two. It was quite a nice restaurant to begin with. You can play spot the difference by comparing the photos here with those in our earlier post.

Sky View Pavilion

Sky View Pavilion Menu

Here are pictures of some sample pages from the Sky View Pavilion menu and the Chef’s Recommendations.

Sky View Pavilion Menu

Sky View Pavilion Menu Vegetables

We started the meal with some items from the dim sum menu. As noted in our previous post, the dim sum here had received good reviews from a famous Straits Times food writer.   We were happy to see that the high quality has been maintained. The har gao ($6), xiao long bao ($4.80) and chicken congee ($9.00) are common dim sum dishes.  What differentiates these from average ones are the fineness of taste and the craftsmanship in the making of the dumplings.   We could see precision of each piece – similar in size and look. The skin was taut and tightly pulled.

We had enjoyed the claypot yong tau foo at our last visit.  It is no longer on the menu. We asked about it and the message back from the chef was that he would make it for us. It was a superb dish ($18), with the seafood paste and the tofu providing the highlights.

We also tried a dish from the Chef’s Recommendation of Sky View Pavilion. The braised garoupa head with bitter gourd and black bean paste ($26) was not what we had envisioned. It was not a fish head served intact. Instead, parts of the head were cut into blocks and cooked.  The frying skill shone through in this dish. Because the bits of fish head came from different parts, it was a case of lucky dip to see which parts you get out of the pot. Some bits were nuggets of meat, some part meat part bone and some with a lot of skin. Each combination was good in its own way.

The Singapore Flyer is a place we will visit again. Not to catch the rides or to see the views of Singapore but to try more items from the menu of the Sky View Pavilion.  The wine we had with our food was a Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2010.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Sky View Kitchen
30 Raffles Ave
Singapore Flyer #01-04

Tel: +65 6854 5245

Opening Hours:

Sat-Sun & PH:11am-10pm

Nearby MRT Station : Promenade

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