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Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre (Closed)

The story of Dimbulah Coffee is a remarkable one. It sounds like the secret dreams of some jaded desk-bound executives we know. A high flying professional (with no coffee farming or f&b experience) decides to buy a piece of land in Cairns, Australia. He transforms it into a coffee plantation.  In 2002, he leaves his job and goes full time into the coffee business, opening the first Dimbulah in Singapore. They are able to boast of a “from plantation to cup” concept. With full control of the variables, they have produced a Dimbulah taste as “chocolatey and with a lingering sweetness”. They now have about 10 cafes in Singapore. Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre is their latest outlet.

Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

Dimbulah South Beach Singapore

Decor-wise, Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre is not much different from the typical designer coffee cafe. A long serving counter showing off a large coffee machine. Neat and efficient seating but not terribly comfortable. There are some tables outside, no air-conditioning but well sheltered.

In addition to coffee and drinks, Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre also serves cakes and some simple al-day breakfast type of food dishes. On weekdays, a daily lunch special ($15.50) is served.

We did not eat any substantial food that day. We tried the Dimbulah coffee and cappuccino. To accompany the drinks we had biscotti and Lamington cake.

The biscotti was ok, but we wished that it was sliced into thinner slices, as a thick piece of hard biscotti was rather hard to handle.

There was nothing special  about the Lamington. Someone said that it was just a furry piece of sponge cake. But we enjoyed the one at Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre. It was probably the moistness and texture of the cake plus the correct level of sweetness. This simple cake was a delight to eat with the coffee.

As for the coffee, we thought they were very good.  The smooth nutty flavour makes us want to drink more of it with each mouthful.  It is certainly one of the better designer coffees in town.

Dimbulah Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar Centre
#01-03 Wallich Street
Singapore 078884


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