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How’s the cappuccino and cake at Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe 100AM Mall? (Outlet Closed)

We all know Imperial Treasure as the Peking duck and dim sum people. They are not the first place that comes to mind when we think of coffee and desserts. At the 100AM Mall in Tanjong Pagar (next to Amara Hotel),   we saw the Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe and we thought of Chinese restaurant items like bo lo bao (菠蘿包). But they also have a nice looking coffee machine and a cake display. We decided to have our coffee and desserts at Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe instead of the more usual choices at Tanjong Pagar.

Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe
Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe

Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe (Amara Hotel)

There is a takeaway bakery section as well as a dine-in area at the Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe.  The decor was more functional than trendy.  Most of the customers to this place were buying bread items for take-away.  There were few customers in the dine-in area. We suspect that like us, many people do not think of going to Imperial Treasure for a coffee break.  Which makes it a nice quiet oasis in the bustling 100AM mall.

Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe Menu 

Here is a picture of the Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe menu.  The pastries are selected from the items on display. We decided to have coffee, egg tart and a butter cream cake.

Here is a picture of what we ordered : Cappuccino ($4.80),  Americano ($3.50), HK Egg Tart ($1.50) and  Strawberry Butter Cream Cake ($1.80).

The coffee did not have any exotic nutty or chocolatey taste or beautiful decoration, but they were decent cups of coffee.  The best item was the strawberry butter cream cake. It reminded us of the creamy cakes from neighbourhood cake shops.  It is not as glamorous as many cakes from the hipster cafes, but it was fine with us. At $1.80 a piece it also brought down the cost of our typical coffee break.

We had high expectations for the egg tart. This is the kind of Hongkong style food that Imperial Treasures is known for. It did not disappoint. The egg was smooth and creamy. We were glad the smell and taste was not very ‘eggy’.  The pastry was buttery and flaky.


Food: 3

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

 Imperial Treasure Bakery & Cafe

100AM Mall (next to Amara Hotel)
#01-10/14A , 100 Tras Street Singapore 079027
TEL NO. : 6636 1661

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