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Garçons Tanjong Katong (Closed)

Garçons Tanjong Katong brings unpretentious classic French cuisine to Tanjong Katong. There was a Garcons French Grill at AlibabaR Hawkers Bar which had since closed. Garçons Tanjong Katong brings back good affordable French Food to the area. It is a full service restaurant and they serve drinks too (yes, wine).

Garçons Tanjong Katong

Located along Tanjong Katong Road just opposite the Canadian International School, Garçons occupies a small shophouse. The decor is basic. There is a small bar counter just next to the glass panels which let you see into the rather large kitchen. The dining space is small, perhaps about half the size of the kitchen. Like many restaurants in France, a number of the tables at Garçons Tanjong Katong are placed very close together, with just inches separating one table from another.

Garçons Tanjong Katong
Garçons Tanjong Katong

Garçons Menu

The menu is not extensive but adequate. There are appetizers, salads, pasta as well as main dishes such as French Duck Leg Confit and Rotisserie Style Chicken. Below are photos are the menu and part of the wine list.

Garçons Menu

Garçons Tanjong Katong Menu
Garçons Menu

The have Weekday Set Meals that are very affordably priced.  For example, a 2 Course Set Lunch ( 1 Soup/ Salad/ Appetiser/ Dessert + Main Course + Coffee/ Tea) is $25, and 4 Course Set Dinner (1 Soup/ Salad + Appetiser + Main Course + Dessert) is $40.

Garçons Set Lunch
Garçons Set Dinner

Dinner at Garçons Tanjong Katong

We went to Garçons Tanjong Katong for dinner and ordered the Coq Au Vin ($16.90) and Angus Steak (200G) with Fries ($24.50).

The presentation of the food not typically French. Neither was the portion size. There was no fancy plating just substantial portion of well prepared food.

Garçons COQ AU VIN

The Coq Au Vin  – Half Chicken Braised in Red Wine – was very good. The uniformly cooked chicken was tender and flavourful and the stew was intense and tasty.

Garçons COQ AU VIN
Garcons Tanjong Katong Angus Steak

The Angus Steak served with Mushroom Hunter Sauce came with Fries and Mesclun Salad. The steak was cooked to the right doneness requested. The slightly caramelized onion slices and Hunter sauce added sweetness and bold flavours to the dish, making it very palatable.

ANGUS STEAK AND FRIES Garcons Tanjong Katong

Garçons Tanjong Katong is a great counterpoint to trendy restaurants that serve tiny portions at exorbitant prices. You get proper serving portions of good food at very reasonable prices. They have outlets at Essen and Timbre+ but at Tanjong Katong you get full table service without any substantial increase in price.

Garçons Wine
4 tops

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

Garçons Tanjong Katong
340 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437111

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