The Sushi Bar Ngee Ann City – sushi and sashimi for all budgets

The Sushi Bar on the 5th floor of Ngee Ann City is a popular Japanese restaurant. Passing by while on visits to Best Denki, it was always crowded. We decided to make a stopover after a visit to Takashimaya recently.  The Sushi Bar Taka restaurant is not much to look at from the outside and it is hard to look in from outside as it is quite dark. The wide menu range caters for those in search of affordable Japanese food as well as those with an appetite and budget for premium Japanese raw fish items. Prices vary accordingly.

Sushi Bar Takashimaya
The Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar Ngee Ann City

This is Sushi Bar’s second outlet. Their other one is at Far East Plaza.  The Sushi Bar (Taka) has an izakaya look. Dim lighting, simple wooden furnture, sushi counter and displays of sake are all present. We were there on a weekday and it was half full during lunch.

Diners were packed into one half of the restaurant that gradually filled up during lunch. The other half was closed and cordoned off.

Sushi Bar Taka menu

Here are some pictures of the Sushi Bar Taka menu as well as some flyers with promotions. As you can see, prices varies from $20.90 for a normal platter of mixed sashimi (3 types) to $39.90 for just 3 slices of otoro. Although raw fish (sushi and sashimi) seem to be highlights, they also serve the other types of cooked Japanese dishes like tempura and grilled items.  They have helpfully provided an online menu with prices.

With the recent Straits Times story of the man with the 1.6m tapeworm from eating raw fish on our minds, we restrained ourselves.  We made a targeted selection of three sashimi items that are our favourites – scallop ($6.90), yellowtail tuna ($8.90) and blue fin tuna ($19.90). Each a la carte sashimi order is served in three slices.   We were impressed by the quality of the sashimi. They were of high quality.  They looked good with nice colours and clear translucency. The texture was bouncy and taut. The taste was fresh and clean.  The scallop in particular was good value at the price of $6.90.

We avoided the sushi with raw items and selected the salmon aburi roll ($16.90).  It was a large maki roll that looked like a giant caterpillar.  The taste of this was good.

Finally, we also had a grilled neck of yellowtail ($25.90).  This was very good. The fish was very fresh. The head of fish was quite small, but they cut it away at the bottom leaving a decent amount of meat around the gills.  Overall, we can understand the popularity of the Sushi Bar Taka. Prices are not the lowest in town, but the quality of the food was higher than average.


Food: 4

Service: 3

Value: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

391B Orchard Road #05-35
Singapore 238874
(next to Best Denki)
SMS reservation only to 8818-3535
11:30-21:45 (last order 21:00)


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