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Another fishy lunch at a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore

What do you feel like eating when you are just recovering from flu? During that transition period between sickness and full recovery, the one comfort food we like is soupy Teochew porridge and some lightly flavoured side dishes. The recent protracted flu spell (see “Rainy, cool weather may have prolonged peak flu season” ) made the transition period an extended one.  One of our sessions of Teochew porridge was at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head Curry which we regard as a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore.

top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore
Zai Shun – a top restaurant for steamed fish in Singapore

We have written about Zai Shun in an earlier post, we you can find more details about this Jurong East coffee shop style restaurant here.  As usual, we avoided the lunchtime rush by arriving early. The table space was well stocked with all kinds of fish, all cut up and ready for cooking. We also peeped into the white storage boxes to check out what else was in store. It looked like there was a good catch of red groupers. They all look great with bright red colours. One particularly large one had been cut up into a few parts. We selected the tail part as it was easiest to manoeuvre.

We started with the ready-made side dishes while the red grouper was getting cooked. Nothing fancy, just a couple of steamed rabbit fish, chap cai and fish cakes. All these go so well with the plain porridge.

Fifteen minutes later, the red grouper (which some spell as garoupa) arrived, steamed in a soy sauce broth, Hong Kong style. It as only half of a tail, sliced down the middle, but it was more than adequate for two. The meat was thick and perfectly cooked.  The contrast between the pure white meat and bright red skin was beautiful. This could be a National Day dish.

Once again Zai Shun has lived up to our expectation as the best place for steamed fish in Singapore. The total cost of meal was about $55. We finished eating before 12.30 pm when the lunch crowd descended on this steamed fish restaurant in droves.

Top place for steamed fish in Singapore

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head
Block 253 Jurong East Steet 24, #01-205
Singapore 600253

(Closed on Wednesday)


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