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Rich and Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam

Open everyday, 9am to 5pm including Sundays and public holidays!
– Notice as at 22 May 202

Why do some F&B outlets in Singapore flourish while similar stores offering the same kind of food struggle? That should be an interesting business school research project topic. The factors contributing to the popularity of a food business is often hard to pin point. Like we said in our earlier post about The Hangar Cafe on Arab Street, there could be beautiful restaurants struggling to draw in the diners while places with no decor to speak of would be extremely well patronised. Perhaps a location like Kampong Glam or Little Arab has its own magic. Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam is another intriguing case. There is almost always a queue at this laid back unpretentious bakery on Kandahar Street.

Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam

裕佳西饼店 Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam, located in a non-descript shophouse, specialises in Swiss rolls, cream cheese carrot cake, walnut cake and chiffon cake. There are many other confectioneries in Singapore making the same types of cakes, some with beautiful and creative variations. Yet, many think Rich & Good Cake Shop has something special. During its opening hours, there seem to be always customers waiting patiently in line to buy from the bakery.

Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam

裕佳西饼店 Rich & Good Cake Shop was started by a former school teacher and is now run by her middle-aged daughter. As you can see from the photos of its price list below, the shop and its products are not designed for social media postings – although the price list has progressed from a simple black and white page to one with pictures and colour; and the prices have also gone up with the times.

Rich and Good Cake Shop Menu

Old Price List

Rich & Good Cake Shop Price List as at April 2019
Rich & Good Cake Shop Price List as at April 2019
Rich & Good Cake Shop Price List as at April 2019

The signature item of Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam is the Kaya Swiss Roll. Other popular items include the Durian Roll and Mango Swiss Roll. We bought the 30cm Kaya Swiss Roll ($8) and the Chocolate Swiss Roll ($7). The packaging was simple but quite attractive.

Rich & Good Cake Shop
Rich & Good Cake Shop
Rich & Good Cake Shop Kaya Swiss Roll

The Kaya Swiss Roll has a beautiful colour and nice fragrance. It is soft and moist. The ratio of the kaya to the sponge cake is just right. It is delicious and worth queuing up for. It is hard to stop at one piece.

Rich & Good Kaya Swiss Roll
Rich and Good Cake Shop Chocolate Swiss Roll

The Chocolate Swiss Roll looks rather ordinary but its taste is quite special. The chocolaty flavour is intense. The cake is light and not too sweet. It feels, well, rich and good.

Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam

For those who like durians, the Durian Swiss Roll ($8) is definitely worth a try.

Rich & Good Cake Shop Durian Roll

We also like their almond squares but they are quite pricey.

Rich & Good Cake Shop is not in the most convenient location, the service is at best businesslike, the cakes are not fancy and there is nothing very special or newsworthy about the bakery. Perhaps it goes to show that in the F&B business, while there are many important aspects to take care of, good food at a reasonable price is a key factor in attracting loyal customers. We thought $9 for a 30 cm freshly baked quality Swiss Roll is great value for money and the Swiss Rolls of Rich & Good Cake Shop in Kampong Glam are certainly some of the best we have tried.

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198887

Tel: +65 62943324

Opening Hours :9 am – 5 pm

Rich & Good Cake Shop in Jewel Changi Airport.

The homegrown bakery Rich & Good Cake Shop has opened its first branch in Jewel Changi Airport.

Rich & Good Cake Shop in Jewel Changi Airport.

New Jewel Changi Airport Branch
Rich & Good Cake Shop
#01-232 Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 879666


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