Lunch at Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction

A platypus… is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. Together with the four species of echidna, it is one of the five extant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay eggs …” (Wikipedia). The Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction is a totally different animal. It is an “(a)ward winning Asian-influenced Seasonal Modern Cuisine.” It is the flagship gourmet restaurant of the Platypus Restaurant Group (Platypus Website).

Lunch at Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction


The platypus is an odd-looking creature. The specimen above was spotted in a drain during our trip to Tasmania some years ago. The Platypus Kitchen is a handsome restaurant.  Not luxurious, but nicely specified.  A smart casual kind of restaurant.

The Platypus Kitchen Menu

We were at Platypus Kitchen for lunch. The menu for lunch contained a range of choices of Signature lunch plates and Executive lunch plates. We selected one of each. Here are pictures of the Platypus Kitchen Menus and wine list.  The dinner menu offers a wider selection of a la carte items.


The Platypus Kitchen Lunch Menu

The Platypus Kitchen Drinks List

The Platypus Kitchen Menu (Dinner)

Both the lunch options came with a soup or salad. We asked for one of each. The salad was very ordinary. The soup – I think a kind of creamy vegetable soup, was quite good.

The lunch sets all come with a choice of soft drink. There are some options to “upgrade” to something else.  We did one top-up to convert our standard drink to a Kirin beer for an additional $3.90.  Our selection from the Executive lunch plate section was the ribeye steak quinoa ($18.90). This one dish meal is said to contain quinoa, angus ribeye steak, honey garlic soy, hass avocado, onsen egg, wasabi sprouts and chives. It is a healthy meal with all the protein and vegetables that one needs. Taste wise it was fine but nothing in particular stood out.

Our choice from the Signature lunch plates section was the cast iron grilled salmon ($19.90). It was a piece of salmon, nicely grilled. This was a more tasty choice as compared to the ribeye bowl.

Overall, lunch at Platypus Kitchen was slightly more pricy than we had anticipated, but we felt healthy after the lunch. The food was not oily and there was little carbo. The dining room atmosphere was also pleasant with only a few fellow diners during the weekday lunch.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Platypus Kitchen
200 Victoria Street
#01-90/91 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Tel: +65 6333 4434

Opening Hours:
Mon–Thu 11:30–22:30
Fri–Sat  11:30–23:30
Sun  11:15–10:30

Nearby MRT Station: Bugis


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