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Claypots Full Circle Restaurant, Amoy Street (Closed)

The Claypots Full Circle restaurant on Amoy Street is a collaboration between a restaurant in Melbourne and “their ardent Singaporean supporters”. Apparently, the first Claypots restaurant in Melbourne served primarily claypots and fresh seafood plates. It has evolved into a brand of restaurants said to be known for exceptional seafood dishes. The ardent supporters are a couple of university students who loved the seafood joint who have returned home to Singapore.

Claypots Full Circle now occupies the shop space at Amoy Street that used to house the Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant.  We had been to Goldleaf before (read our review here and they now have an outlet at Katong Square) and the difference in decor could not be more different. The Claypots Full Circle restaurant is dark and industrial with bare concrete floors and walls.  Wooden furniture and a bar complete the look. A projector throws a silent video on the wall.  It is a comfortable restaurant with an edgy vibe.

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant Menu

Claypots Full Circle’s permanent menu contains the small plates selection which appears like a tapas menu. The big plate items are based on what is available at the market and are written on the chalkboard. The seafood can also be viewed at the freezer.  We picked a couple of small plates and a Sea Raised Snapper with salsa.

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant Menu

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant Menu

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant Menu Page 1

The two small plates that we tried were the grilled padrons peppers ($6) and anchovies on toast ($12).  Both of these were very good and we will be happy to eat them again. The anchovies and caramelised onions on the toast in particular combined to give a rich, complex taste. Very Mediterranean in character, these dishes will feel at home in a Spanish tapas bar.

We were told “sea raised” snapper ($50) meant that it was a wild caught one, which is a good thing.  The fish was a medium-sized specimen which was just big enough to be shared by two people. The fish was first grilled and then baked.  We were happy with quality of fish and the cooking. Some salsa sauce was provided but we enjoyed the fish mostly with only a squeeze of lemon to appreciate its clean taste. A side dish of bok choy with caper crumbs ($7) provided good accompaniment with the fish.

We did not know what to expect when visiting a restaurant called Claypots Full Circle that has a sign outside that says “we don’t do claypots”.  Well, now we know.

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant Amoy Street

Food: 4
Service : 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Claypots Full Circle Restaurant
103 Amoy Street
Singapore 069923

Tel: +65 62032203

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri : 10.30am – 12am
Sat: 5pm – 12am
Sun: Closed.

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  1. We’re happy you enjoyed the food and thank you for taking the time to blog about us! – Claypots team

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