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How is Scoot food? We try a couple of in-flight meals.

According to Wikipedia, Scoot airline is a “Singaporean low-cost long-haul airline owned by Singapore Airlines”. We checked the Scoot website and indeed it does have some pretty long haul flights – eg to Berlin and to Athens but it also flies to some nearby places eg Kuching and Kuantan. We were on a short flight on Scoot recently.  Food was served on the flight but they have to be paid for separately. How was the Scoot food?  We did not really have to eat but we ordered a couple of dishes to find out.

Scoot Airline Cabin

Scoot Food Menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the Scoot Food and Drinks Menu. There are some pages with snacks that we have left out. Things like nuts and potato chips can easily be purchased elsewhere and brought on board. I think it is things like hot food and drinks that people may find bothersome to try to bring on board. The hot food available on the Scoop flight that we took ranged from instant Cup Noodles to more serious cooked food like beef stew and nasi lemak.

Scoot Braised Chicken With Rice

Here is a picture of the Scoot Braised Chicken With Rice. It costs $12. We topped up another $3 for a can of Coke. Can you spot the difference between the picture in the menu and the real thing? I am sure you can. The real thing looks like a shrivelled up version of the menu picture. It is also very small.  The good news is that while it is not much to look at, the taste was pretty good. It tasted like a good dish of braised chicken with rice at a local restaurant.

Scoot food

Scoot Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice

Our other dish was Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice. This also costs $12. We topped up $7 for a small bottle of red wine (187 ml or a quarter of a standard sized bottle of wine). Our comments about the braised chicken equally apply to this dish. Very small, does not look anything like the menu but tastes good. In fact this one has another positive thing going for it – its fragrance. The moment the plastic wrap was ripped open,  a nice aroma of herbs and spices wafted into the air.

As for the wine, it is said to be a French wine made from Malbec grapes which I just learnt is grown in some parts of France but which we tend to associate with Argentinian wines. It is a simple wine. No complexity but pleasant enough to go with the food.  Yes, we had some ice with the wine as it was warm.  A bit of alcohol also helped numb our senses to how cramped the seats were.


Scoot Food: Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice

Scoot food was not much to look and are expensive. But they do taste good and put out nice aroma. A neighbouring passenger on the flight ordered nasi lemak and the smell of the lemak and chilli almost made us want to order it.

For more details of Scoot food choices and flight destinations – see the Scoot Website.

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1 thought on “How is Scoot food? We try a couple of in-flight meals.”

  1. Wow. You are not very fussy. I found the food portion to be small and the price to be outrageous. What if you ordered that dish at a Singapore hawker center for that price? Would you ever go back there?

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