Whisk Cafe – nice little cafe in Tiong Bahru for tea, brunch & lunch (Closed)

There must be something about the air or water in Tiong Bahru. Bakeries there turn out good croissants. As you approach the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, you see a cafe, Whisk, with its name in lights. You guessed it, Whisk Cafe in Tiong Bahru does pretty good croissants; and it is a nice little spot for afternoon tea as well as brunch or lunch.

Whisk Cafe in Tiong Bahru

Whisk Cafe

Located just opposite the iconic Tiong Bahru market & food centre, Whisk Cafe in Tiong Bahru has an all-white aesthetic that starts from outside with dazzling white wood frames and glass panels that allow you a glimpse of the inviting interior. Inside, the decor has a clean white theme with soothing wood elements. The cosy cafe gets plenty of natural light and there is an airy and spacious feel. The bakery is at the back and you can see the artisans at work through the half glass door.

Whisk Cafe

Whisk in Tiong Bahru

Owned by Patissier Tricia Lim, the small lovely cafe started out offering coffee and pastries but have added light bites as well as breakfast and brunch items to its menu. It has also introduced weekday set lunches that are reasonably priced.

Whisk Cafe Brunch

Whisk Cafe Lunch Set

Whisk Cafe Menu

Whisk Cafe’s food menu is not extensive. There is a fair selection of sandwiches, eggs, salads and soups and a few pasta dishes. Below are photos of the current menu of Whisk Cafe.

Whisk Cafe Menu

Whisk Cafe Menu

Menu of Whisk Cafe

Whisk Set Lunch

We tried their weekday set lunch where we could choose a sandwich from the menu. The set included salad, soup and iced lemon tea. The price for the set lunch was $14.90 and no service charge or GST would be added to the bill.

Set Lunch @f Whisk Cafe

We opted for the Baconator and French Onion soup. The food was served after a fairly short wait.

Whisk Cafe French Onion Soup

The French onion soup was rich and filled with the flavour of caramelized onions. The piece of bread on top of the soup was nicely toasted. The bistro classic served at Whisk was delicious.

Whisk Cafe Set Lunch

The Baconator was bacon in a freshly baked baguette. The warm bread was good and, overall, the sandwich was not bad – quite satisfying.

Set Lunch @f Whisk Cafe

Whisk Coffee

We had a latte ($5.50) and a long black ($4.50) to go with pastries and cakes. Our latte came beautifully decorated. The medium bodied coffee had a pleasant aroma and a smooth, fine flavour.

Whisk Cafe

Whisk Cafe Coffee

Whisk Cakes & Pastries

Savouring the cakes & pastries must be the highlight of a visit to Whisk Cafe in Tiong Bahru.

Whisk Cafe @ Tiong Bahru

The Carrot Cake ($7) was recommended by the staff. Visually, it was not exciting or enticing. We learned not to judge a cake by how it looked because the moist carrot cake was delightful. It had shredded carrots, nuts and fruity bits which combined well for a cake with nice flavour and texture. It was an enjoyable piece of cake.

Whisk Cafe

Whisk Cafe

The Cranberry Orange Cake ($3.50) drizzled with glaze looked interesting. The taste was good but we thought it might be even better if it was a little more moist.

Whisk Cafe

Whisk Cafe

The Almond Croissant ($3.50) had flaky puff pastry with almond filling and was topped with roasted almonds. It was one of the better croissants we have tried recently.

Whisk Cafe

Whisk is a charming little cafe in a quaint neighbourhood. Those exploring Tiong Bahru should find Whisk Cafe a perfect stopover for mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea. It is also good for light bites or a simple meal. Friendly service, no grungy industrial look, no service charge and no GST  – we like this cosy cafe in Tiong Bahru, especially for its pastries and cakes.

Whisk Cafe in Tiong Bahru

Food : 4
Service : 3
Value : 3
Atmosphere : 4
Overall Rating : 4 TOPs   4 tops

Whisk Cafe
58 Seng Poh Road #01-15
Singapore 160058

Tel: +65 62226543

Opening Hours:
Tues – Thurs : 9am – 7pm
Fri – Sat : 9am – 11pm
Sun : 9am – 9pm
Mon : Closed

[This is an updated and republished post]

#Street fact – Seng Poh Road was named after Tan Seng Poh who became the first Chinese Municipal Commissioner of Singapore in 1871. The Perak born Teochew man was an interesting character – he had the monopoly to sell opium in Johore, was the head of the Opium and Spirit Farm in Singapore and owned a gunpowder magazine in Tanah Merah.

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