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Escape Restaurant Buffet (Closed)

Escape Restaurant & Lounge allows you to get away from the usual dining in a downtown hotel experience. However, with its sumptuous spread of freshly-prepared local delights as well as the usual Western favourites, there is no running away from calories at the Escape Restaurant Buffet.

Escape Restaurant & Lounge

Escape Restaurant & Lounge

Located in Farrer Park, just next to the Farrer Park MRT station, Escape Restaurant & Lounge is the all-day dining establishment of One Farrer Park Hotel and Spa. The restaurant offers a good range of local food and international dishes. The Escape lobby lounge is a place for drinks and cakes; and there is live music in the evening.

Escape Restaurant & Lounge

Escape Restaurant & Lounge offers a pleasant dining environment, with a bar separating the restaurant from the lounge. The other end of the restaurant is dominated by an open kitchen. There are booth seats lining the sides of the restaurant. Dining tables are arranged neatly in rows in the middle of the restaurant.

Escape Restaurant & Lounge

Escape Restaurant Buffet

The Escape Restaurant buffet spread may not look very impressive when you first walk into the restaurant. We were there for the buffet dinner and our initial reaction was that the spread seemed limited. We soon learned that first impression could be deceptive. The way the food was laid out was not extravagant and there was no ostentatiously decorated food station. They had taken a pragmatic approach in food presentation. Some of the food were simply stacked on multi-layered display cabinets. The variety of food at the Escape Restaurant buffet was much more extensive than we first thought because of the efficient way the food was laid out.

Table Service at Escape Restaurant Buffet

Another reason the buffet spread might not look too impressive is that they would actually bring certain items to the table. You would be eating more than what is on display.

Escape Restaurant Buffet

A bowl of cold seafood items and a plate of hot KL Tai Lok Mee were brought to our table soon after we were seated. The KL Tai Lok Mee was one of the most enjoyable dishes for the night.

They also take orders for coffee and tea and you can choose from the full range of espresso coffees and a good selection of tea.

The Dinner Buffet Spread

There is a good mix of local dishes and international cuisines are well represented. There are the typical seafood, cold cuts and salad stations.

Malay, Chinese, Indian and other local dishes are available. There are rojak and mee rebus stations. The sumptuous buffet spread includes vadehs, soon kuehs and dim sum items.

You can have Hainanese chicken rice with roast meats as well as nasi briyani, tandoori chicken and curries with roti prata or chapati.

Western dishes like pizza, pasta, roast chicken and braised lamb are part of the buffet at Escape.

The usual Japanese station offers sashimi, sushi and soba.

The Desserts

The dessert station is hidden in a corner of the dining area, away from the open kitchen. We like the desserts spread.

Ice cream, fondue, nyonya kuehs and bite-sized cakes and tarts are all cramped into a display cabinet and and side table. There are also almond jelly and bubur cha cha.

Many of the dessert items were beautifully crafted. They looked good and tasted good too.

Our favourite desserts items at the Espace Restaurant Dinner Buffer were the durian pengat and the mao shan wang durian puffs. The durian pengat had a really nice consistent texture and was very delicious.

Music from the Escape Lounge

A good thing about having dinner at Escape Restaurant is that we could enjoy live music coming from the Escape Lounge. Currently, Face Facts Duo, Joyce & Omar, sing evergreen, country and pop-rock every Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 10pm.

Escape Restaurant & Lounge

In fact we got to hear Face Facts Duo performing up close. We were at Escape Restaurant & Lounge to celebrate a birthday. Joyce & Omars came over to help us sing to the birthday girl.

Overall, we enjoyed the Escape Restaurant Dinner Buffet. There was quite a good selection of food and the quality and taste of the food were of the expected standard. The service was good. Escape Restaurant Buffet is reasonably priced and it has sufficient good stuff to tempt us to consume more calories than we should.

Escape Restaurant Buffet Prices

We understand that the current buffet prices are as follows, but please check with the restaurant as they change their buffet offering and the prices from time to time.

Sunday to Thursday
Lunch: $50++ per adult (inclusive of free flow soft drinks), $25++ per child (7-12 years old)
Dinner: $70++ per adult (inclusive of free flow soft drinks), $35++ per child (7-12 years old)

Friday, Saturday, PH Eve & PH 
Lunch: $50++ per adult (inclusive of free flow soft drinks), $25++ per child (7-12 years old)
Dinner: $78++ per adult (inclusive of free flow soft drinks), $39++ per child (7-12 years old)

3 Tops

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3TOPs

Escape Restaurant & Lounge
One Farrer Hotel & Spa
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562

Tel +65 6705 7828

Nearby MRT Station : Farrer Park

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  1. really? is there a drinks menu ?
    the last time i was there, tea was tea , no menu.
    if they allow us to choose the tea, this is good news to me,

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