Singapore home party food idea – top makan hits from East Coast

Planning a party at home but too lazy to cook? Today we share with you a Singapore home party food idea – serve your guests with the top hawker food from the East Coast. This was what we were treated to at a friend’s place in Katong recently.  The East part of Singapore is famous for its concentration of good local food choices. The whole stretch from Tanjong Katong, Mountbatten, Geylang, Joo Chiat to Kembangan is filled with good food choices. Which explains why our major sports facilities – East Coast park, National Stadium, Indoor Stadium etc are all found in the east. So that the residents can work out the calories!

Singapore home party food idea
Singapore home party food idea – food from the East

No Singapore home party food featuring hawker food from the East would be complete without the Haig Road putu piring. These fluffy white snacks will bring a smile to your friends’ faces. Be prepared to queue up for these if you are buying from the stall at Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre- #01-08  Blocks 13 &14 Haig Road Singapore 430013/430014. A packet of 5 putu piring costs $2.50.

You can also buy them from their outlets at Geylang Road, #01-02 Mr Teh Tarik Food Court 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001 or at Alwadi, Tristar Complex Level 1, 970 Geylang Road, Singapore 423492 | Facebook Page.

Haig Road Putu Piring

Haig Road Putu Piring at Geylang Serai

Another type of evergreen food to offer your friends at your house party are Teochew kuehs.  These can be quite substantial and are available in several flavours.  The ones that we were served at our recent home party were yam (oh kueh), rice (poon kueh) and bamboo shoots (soon kueh), although I suspect the latter were mostly stuffed with grated turnips.  They were bought from Yong’s Teochew Kueh at 150 East Coat Road.

The kuehs are handmade on the premises. Prices are $1.30 per piece for the soon kuek and $1.40 per piece or the or kueh and poon kueh. You can buy them from Yong’s Teochew Kueh 150 East Coast Road Singapore 428837 Tel: 63456798.

The main course of our list of Singapore home party food ideas was laksa from Original Katong Laksa. It is not clear which laksa was the real “original’ Katong laksa, but It would seem that the oldest laksa store in Katong is one originally known as Marine Parade Laksa or Janggut Laksa and is now simply known as “The Original Katong Laksa” (see Russel Wong’s Which is the Real “Katong Laksa”?).

The prices are $4 for a small bowl, $5 for medium and $6 for large; add $0.50 for takeaway. You can get them at Original Katong Laksa 50 East Coast Road Roxy Square #01-64 Singapore 428769. The noodles and soup can be packed separately until they are ready to be served.

We were offered two types of desserts. You can serve these putu ayu from Hjh Maimunah Restaurant @ Joo Chiat. The putu ayu was $0.80 each. You can read more about this interesting Malay restaurant here.  20 Joo Chiat Road #01-02 Singapore 427357 Tel: +65 6348 5457 |

We also had Lemongrass and ginger ice-cream from Birds of Paradise. The ice cream looked pale and lifeless but my tastebuds were shaken to life. There was an intense lemongrass flavour with some ginger notes in the background. It is no wonder that the Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique is often full of people. You can read more about them here.

A pint costs $16. You can get your supply of delicious gelato made on site with interesting flavours inspired by the plant kingdom at Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique 63 East Coast Road #01-05 The Red House Katong Singapore 428776.  Tel: +65 9678 6092 | Facebook

There were other snacks and drinks served at the house party that we attended but I cannot remember the rest of them. If you would like to have more Singapore home party food ideas from the East Coast, you can read our posts Top Cheap and Good Food in Katong, Delightful Malay Food at Haig Road Food Centre and Good Food at Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre.

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