Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point (Closed)

Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point is another hawker stall business which has opened a standalone restaurant with a more upmarket setting. Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken has coffee shop stalls in Changi and Bedok for many years.  It is not unusual to see long queues at those stalls, especially on weekends. The new Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point is in a more central location and has a rather extensive menu. The modern casual diner is quite different from the coffee shop stalls in terms of ambience but the food is still good and the prices remain affordable.

Haikee Brothers

Hai Kee 海记 traces its heritage to a stall in Upper Cross Street started in the 1950s. Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice stalls have become very popular in the East for their chicken rice and house-roasted char siew. Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point is a move back to the location where the grandfather of the 3rd generation hawkers, James and Joseph Wang, used to sell chicken rice.

Haikee Brothers

Haikee Brothers Menu

The menu of Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point is rather extensive. It is not just the famous soy sauce chicken and char siew but a good variety of Chinese and local dishes – from the traditional dim sum and lor mee to more unusual items like laksa seafood fried rice and lava egg congee. Below are a few random pages of the menu.

Haikee Brothers Menu

Haikee Brothers Menu

Haikee Brothers Menu

They offer various set meals including a very attractively priced lunch set for two at $16.50.

Lunch at Haikee Brothers Chinatown Point

We visited Haikee Brother for lunch and ordered Haikee Brothers (HKB) Soy Sauce Lor Mee with Prawn Roll ($8.80), Niang Tou Fu ($6.50) and Char Siew Chang Fen ($4.80). They would charge you the wet issue and service change and GST would be added to the bill.

The food was served after a very short wait. The presentation was not bad.

The HKB Lor Mee had lots of ingredients including egg and roast meat. The roast meat was good and the crackled skin of the pork belly remained crispy even though it had been slathered with the flavourful dark broth. The Lor Mee dish, which combined Hai Kee special suace sauce and housemade prawn roll from Good Chance Popiah, was tasty and enjoyable.

The Niang Tou Fu with light soup was simple comfort food that was delicious.

The Char Siew Chang Fen or BBQ Pork Rice Rolls allowed us to try their barbecued pork which was soft with a good mix of lean and fatty portions. The XO chilli sauce that came with dish really enhanced the taste of the delightful char siew.

Good Food Reasonable Prices

Haikee Brothers at Chinatown Point has just opened but it is already attracting the crowd. Consequently, the place can get rather noisy, especially during peak hours. Many of the tables in the small dining space are just inches apart. So, although the interior decorations look nice when the place is empty, HKB at Chinatown Point might not be the best option if you are thinking of a comfortable setting for a leisurely meal. Those issues aside, we thought the service was friendly and efficient, the food was very good and the prices reasonable. We will eat there again if we want a quick tasty meal.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Haikee Brothers
133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point #02-39
Singapore 059413

Tel: +65 6244 4408

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Chinatown

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