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Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium – beer, pub grub in a nice location

It was a sunny late Saturday afternoon.  We decided to go to Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium as it seemed like a nice place to chill out over a few beers with an early dinner. The beauty about this location is that it is away from the usual hustle and bustle of shopping malls. The atmosphere was casual and laid-back. This could have been due to the  fact that we were there during off-peak hours. There are options for indoor or outdoor dining. Being typically Singaporean, we chose to sit indoors with ample air-conditioning.

Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium Kallang
Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium
Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium

The main attraction at Brewerkz is of course their beers. They have a range of craft beers that they brew themselves. We tried the Wheat Beer ($10 / pint – price varies depending on time). It was an easy-going and fruity beer that did not leave any bitter aftertaste. Their beers are also available at the other Brewerkz outlets at Orchard Parade, Riverside Point and Sentosa Boardwalk.

Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium Beer List

Here are pictures of some pages from the Brewerkz Indoor Stadium menu.  As you can see, there is a good selection of pub grub. There is something to please every one, young or old. A note of warning though. This place is definitely not for you if you are into posh food or clean eating.

Brewerkz Indoor Stadium Menu


We decided to have Chilli Cheese Fries ($18).  It was very tasty with the right amount of richness in the creamy cheese coupled with beef and black beans. An awesome combination. However, we would suggest that if you order this item, it may be a good idea to request for the sauce to be served on the side so that the fries can maintain its crispness for as long as possible.

Brewerkz Chilli Cheese Fries

For the meat lovers out there, there is the Meat Lovers Pizza ($23).  This cannot get any more literal. The crusty pizza base was topped with pepperoni, spicy sausage and ham. It was simply delicious and even better with an ice-cold beer.  A great item for sharing.

Meat Lovers Pizza

We also had the fried Fish & Chips ($25).  They also have a grilled fish option but there is nothing like beer-battered haddock. The fish and fries were both very crispy. What deserved a special mention was the tartar sauce which was provided on the side. It was different from normal tartar sauce served more commonly in other places. It definitely had a more complex flavour.

Brewerkz Fish and Chips

For dessert, we had the waffles with vanilla ice-cream. We were impressed by this simple dessert. The waffles were light and crispy. They went perfectly well with the vanilla ice-cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.  A sweet ending to our meal.

Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium

Chope Reservations

2 Stadium Walk
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Singapore 397691 Map

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 5pm-12am
Fri-Sat: 12pm-1am
Sun: 12pm-12am

Nearby MRT Station : Stadium

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