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Vietnamese Street Eats at Comnam Raffles City Restaurant (Closed)

The Comnam Raffles City Vietnamese restaurant is one of the many outlets of the diverse Les Amis restaurant group. Their brands range from high-end offerings such as the flagship Les Amis restaurant and Japanese restaurant Aoki to the more affordable ones such as the successful Nam Nam Noodle Bar that has outlets in four locations in Singapore.   ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats is the “younger sibling” of NamNam Noodle Bar chain founded by Chef-Owner Nam Quoc Nguyen with the Les Amis Group in August 2014.  So far there is only one outlet in Singapore – Comnam Raffles City.

Comnam Raffles City Basement One

Comnam Raffles City Vietnamese Restaurant

Comnam Raffles City offers “a myriad of dishes from Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam, served with a modern twist”.   Reflecting the Vietnamese street eats concept, their menu contains mainly one dish meals of noodles or rice which is convenient for those seeking quick meal.  Comnam is located next to the Nam Nam outlet.  The decor of the two look the same. In fact, it is easy for us to mistake them as two parts of the same restaurant.

Comnam Raffles City Menu

Here are pictures of the Comnam Raffles City menu.  Most of the items are priced in the single digit range with the more expensive ones costing about $12-$15.

Comnam Raffles City Menu

Comnam Vietnamese Eats Raffles City

We tried two items at Comnam Raffles City : Braised pork and egg ($9.90) and Hai Phong Prawn Noodles ($14.90).  The braised pork was nicely presented in a claypot.  Inside was a fair quantity of braised pork and egg. In substance it is the “loh bak and loh nrgn” that we find at local food places. The pork was not bad. The egg however was too plain and taste of the dark gravy did not seem to have permeated into it.  Overall we thought this was an average dish.

Hai Phong Prawn Noodles was a different matter.  We could smell the aroma of this dish when it approached. The broth had a delicious seafood taste of the prawn and other Vietnamese style seasonings which were strong in a nice way (i.e. without being fishy). Overall, this was probably the most expensive dish at Comnam Raffles City but we would order this again.

Vietnamese Street Eats at Comnam Raffles City

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Comnam Raffles City
#B1-46/47 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Rd

Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 6334 7377

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