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Jypsy Martin Road by PS Cafe (Relocated)

(Now Jypsy One Fullerton at 1 Fullerton Road, #01-02/03, Singapore 049213)

Jypsy Martin Road is a new cafe concept by PS Cafe. 38 Martin Road (near Mohamed Sultan) was formerly occupied by another member of the PS Cafe group – Chopsuey. They have transformed the space into a casual Japanese restaurant. In keeping with their ability to churn out one stylish cafe after another in Singapore, the new restaurant Jypsy PS Cafe is another lovely place that looks like no other in Singapore. The place is less lavish and more relaxed but it is certainly no “gypsy”.

Jypsy Martin Road

Jypsy Martin Road

Jypsy Martin Road looks very different from its predecessor Chopsuey. The latter was an elegant and refined Chinese fusion restaurant.  You can see pictures of it in our post about our 2014 visit here. Jypsy has a more casual feel. The style and textures are edgier with the use of corrugated zinc sheets, wooded beams and large fabric and wicker lanterns. But somehow everything works well as a whole. The folks at PS Cafe have once again pulled off another successful interior.

Jypsy Martin Road Menu

Here are pictures of portions of the Jypsy Martin Road Menu. If the words are too small you can see the whole menu online at their website.

Jypsy Martin Road

The crispy shrimp sushi roll ($16) was presented in an unorthodox way, with the bits of tempura prawn placed on top of the rolls of rice. The taste was similar to a typical sushi roll with tempura prawn.

Crispy shrimp sushi roll

The unagi and pork gyoza ($12) was better than the average Japanese gyoza in Singapore. Not because of the unagi as we could hardly detect its taste, but the wonderful tasting ginger scallion ponzu sauce.

Obasan’s sticky beef sliders ($15) apparently uses Wagyu beef with a MS7-8 score. As the meat content is low in these sliders, we can’t really get a grip on the exact quality, but we can say that the sliders tasted good. The beef has a soft texture and a good taste.

Obasan’s sticky beef sliders

The best dish of the day was the Karage Cracker Chicken ($12). Some pieces of fried chicken were served with rice crackers. The chicken’s surface was super crisp and the secret weapon was the curry mayo sauce which made us wanting to order another plate.

The udon goreng ($19) looks like a localised version of stir fried udon noodles. Essentially a simple dish made memorable by the abundance of ‘wok-hei’ created in the process of wok-frying at a high temperature.

We had two kinds desserts – yuzu tofu cheesecake ($10) and matcha cream puff ($8). The cheesecake was served in a deconstructed style. It certainly does not look like a typical cake.  The “tofu cheese” was light and fresh. Yuzu makes anything taste better.  The matcha cream puff was quite average, we did not detect any matcha taste.

We thought that it was a pity to tear down the beautiful decor of the Chopsuey restaurant after only four years. But I suppose that is the price to pay in order for us, consumers, to get new dining concepts. We are glad that Jypsy Martin Road offers a fresh and interesting style of Japanese cuisine in Singapore.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Jypsy PS Cafe
No.38 Martin Road
Singapore 239072

Tel: +65 8188 6177

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday : 11.30 am – 4.00 pm ; 5.30pm – 11.00pm (Last food order 10.30 pm)
Closed on Monday


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