The Guild Singapore, new Keong Saik bar and restaurant by HK craft brewery

When was the last time you saw a spittoon in service in Singapore? For us it was probably in the 70s hidden under a well-used marble-topped table in a traditional coffee shop. So it was a surprise to see this previously disgusting thing in full display outside The Guild Singapore. This new Keong Saik Road bar and restaurant is a collaboration by “Hong Kong’s highest rated and largest independent craft brewery”,  Young Master Brewery and Chef Vinny Lauria.

The Guild Singapore

The Guild Singapore at Keong Saik Road

Like moths to a solitary light at night, the early drinkers assembled around the centrepiece at The Guild Singapore. The beautiful circular bar with many dispensing taps is good enough reason to make a visit. The rest of the place was tastefully done up. The bare brick walls, heavy wooden overhead beams and dim interior created an impression of dining in an underground cavern.

The Guild Singapore Drinks Menu

The drinks are the star attraction at The Guild Singapore. Here are pictures of part of the drinks menu.  The Happy Hour drinks are priced at $10 each. We can see why it pays to turn up early.

We tried the Another One and the Guildhouse G&T (On Tap).  The Another One was an attractive beer with a floral bouquet which is surprising for a beer. In the wine tasting world, some may describe the smell as that of freshly picked white flowers. Its low 3.3% alcohol level makes it a beer which is easy-going, hence its name. The signature gin & tonic is unique in that it is ready-made and flows out of one of the taps. Apart from that and its peachy colour we did not think that it was different from a typical G & T.

The Guild Singapore Food Menu

Here are pictures of some potions of The Guild Singapore Food Menu. The menu contains an eclectic mix of dishes – from Western staples and Mac N Cheese and Buffalo Wings to localised items such as Ham Dan (salted egg) Fried Chicken and General Tso’s Frog Legs.

Salt and Vinegar Fries – The Guild Singapore

We instinctively ordered Salt and Vinegar Fries ($8) to go with the drinks. This combination of deep-fried potatoes and fizzy beer is one that can’t go wrong.  In this case made even better by the very well done seasoning of the fries.  It was the best dish of the day.

General Tso’s Frog Legs

We tried the General Tso’s Frog Legs ($14) because of its unusual name. These fried frog legs had a special sauce that was a blend of sweet, sour and spicy, which we thought was too many things going on at the same time. The tough meat of the frogs did not help.

The Egg(plant)ception ($18) is a salad described in the menu as “eggplant within an eggplant within an eggplant”. Apart from the name, we thought that it was quite an ordinary dish.

The Butter Roasted Chicken ($25) was a more substantial dish. Presented with the leg and claw intact, it certainly had an attitude. It tasted pretty good as well.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

The Guild Singapore
55 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089158

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday

Nearby MRT Station: Outram

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