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The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade (Outlet Closed)

Sampling hearty South Indian-style curry dishes is inevitably on the list of must-tries for visitors to Singapore. The famous Indian restaurants are found in Race Course Road and you are likely to see more tourists than locals in these restaurants. Sometimes the popular restaurants can feel too big and too noisy and parking at Race Course Road can be an issue. We are happy to see a new branch of the well known The Banana Leaf Apolo in Parkway Parade. The contemporary casual dining space is small relative to the Apolo restaurant in Little India, but The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade serves an extensive range of the same good affordable Indian food.

The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade

Serving food on a freshly cut banana leaf has its roots in India and The Banana Leaf Apolo has been serving food on a banana Leaf to patrons since it opened its doors in 1974. According to their website, using banana leaf has these benefits:-

  • Food on a traditional banana leaf adds to the taste and flavour
  • It has medicinal value – tested over centuries
  • It is Hygienic – only one serving on a leaf and there is no recycling
  • It is environment friendly – it is organic and fully biodegradable

The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade

The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade is not big and a substantial portion of the space is taken up by the open kitchen. The dining space has a contemporary decor and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade

The menu of Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade is quite extensive. It also offers good value combo deals and special tea time treats.

Delivery service is also available. Below are photos of the Delivery Menu. The items are substantially the same as the dine-in menu but the prices in the dine-in menu can be $1.50 to $2 lower.

The Banana Leaf Apolo Menu

The Banana Leaf Apolo Menu

Banana Leaf Apolo Delivery Menu

Banana Leaf Apolo Delivery Menu

I visited Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade for lunch and ordered Briyani Rice with 2 Vegetables ($4) and Chicken Masala ($6). I wanted to avoid the sugary drinks so I asked for iced water ($0.50).

Banana Leaf Apolo

A cut banana leaf was laid out on a large green plate. Dollops of vegetables were heaped on the banana leaf. The briyani rice came next. A complimentary basket of papadum and a small bowl of curry sauce were also served.

Banana Leaf Apolo Briyani


The Masala Chicken was served after a wait of a few minutes. The portion was quite substantial –  sufficient to be shared by 2 persons.

The briyani rice was fluffy and flavourful – quite enjoyable eating it on its own but it went very well with the spicy and tangy eggplant. The masala chicken was aromatic and tender pieces of chicken coated with a luscious curry sauce which was delicious but very spicy.

Banana Leaf Apolo Chicken Masala

Overall, it was a good enjoyable lunch at Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade . The rice and chicken were quality old fashioned food that were tasty and satisfying. We would certainly like to eat there again.

Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade offers a menu with a wide variety of choices including the famous fish head curry. The prices are reasonable and they don’t charge you for the papadum and the wet wipes. They charge 50 cents for iced water though; perhaps that is for your own good as drinking iced water with spicy food is not recommended.

Banana Leaf Apolo Briyani and Chicken Masala

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere : 3
Overall Rating :4 TOPs   

4 tops

Banana Leaf Apolo Parkway Parade Branch
80 Marine Parade
#03-01 , Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

Phone: +65 6241 4141
Home Delivery Phone: +65 6333 6111

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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