New Forty Hands Cafe in East Coast

Forty Hands East Coast

Forty Hands is a chic third wave coffee movement cafe that previously can only be found in the hip neighbourhoods of Tiong Bahru in Singapore and Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur. Katong may be a food paradise with its own laid-back charm but it is not usually regarded as a cool and trendy precinct like Tiong Bahru or Dempsey Hill. It is thus a little surprising that Forty Hands choose to open its second Singapore outlet along East Coast Road. The new artisanal cafe is located in a row of shophouses with eateries popular with locals for kopi-O, chai tow kway and curry puffs. The choice of location may be a curious one but it seems to be a good one. Forty Hands East Coast is proving to be popular and it can be hard to get a table there during peak hours. The new cafe in Katong has certainly generated buzz and upped the neighbourhood’s hip quotient.

Forty Hands East Coast

Forty Hands at East Coast is along a major thoroughfare. The outdoor bar tables are inches away from the busy main road.

Forty Hands at East Coast

Inside the cafe, the interior decor incorporates tiles, wooden shelves, kopitiam marble top tables and wall posters of old TV show to create an eclectic retro look. It has an old school charm and is trendy at the same time.


Forty Hands at East Coast Road

Forty Hands Menu

Forty Hands East Coast Menu is not exactly the same as the menu of Forty Hands Tiong Bahru. Forty Hands East Coast has new additions like Stinky Har Cheong Gai Waffle. The all day breakfast menu has items ranging from all day breakfast offering ranges from Smashed Avo on Toast and  Croque Monsieur to Kong Bak Pau and Tau Sar Pau. Forty Hands in Katong also serves dinner with dishes like Hanger Steak, Fish Basket and Pasta on the dinner menu. Below are photos of the menu of Forty Hands East Coast.

Forty Hands East Coast Menu

Forty Hands Menu

Forty Hands Menu

Brunch @ Forty Hands East Coast

Forty Hands East Coast is located next to Brunners Coffeeshop, known for the Katong Jago Carrot Cake and other local food stalls. In the last few months, when we were in the East Coast area for brunch, I suggested going to Forty Hands but my usual brunch companion had prevailed upon me to eat at Brunners Coffeeshop instead. Intent on visiting the new cafe, I went to Forty Hands for brunch alone.

Forty Hands Cafe

I ordered a cup of Cappuccino ($6) and Jamaican Pork Sandwich with Salad ($17). No GST or service charge would be added to the menu prices. Order and payment were done at the counter. The food would be brought to the table by the service staff. The utensils, napkins and a bottle of water were all already on the table – very efficient.

Forty Hands at East Coast

The cappuccino was expertly prepared by the barista at the coffee bar using beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters. It was a good cup of coffee – smooth and strong with a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Forty Hands CMCR Coffee

The wait for the Jamaican Pork Sandwich was quite long. It arrived probably more than 20 minutes after my cappuccino was served.

Forty Hands Cafe

The sandwich did not look very interesting but it was very tasty. The portion size was large. The pumpkin seeds bread was nicely toasted and the filling of smoked spiced pulled pork, black raisin chutney, cheese, fresh mango and basil sauce was a delicious combination. There was an interesting and delectable blend of different flavours and textures. The soft sweet and slightly tangy mango made the Forty Hand sandwich different from the usual pulled pork sandwiches. It was a very enjoyable sandwich.

Forty Hands Cafe East Coast

I had a delightful brunch at Forty Hands East Coast. It was not cheap though – $23 for coffee and sandwich, albeit very good coffee and sandwich. With that amount, we could have a satisfying brunch for two at Brunners Coffeeshop on at least two separate occasions. So maybe my brunch companion was right, in the practical sense, on insisting that we should eat at the coffeeshop. Perhaps, we can come to a compromised arrangement –  we would eat once at Forty Hands for every two times we eat at Brunners – like the tennis scoring system – Love 15 and Love 30 eat at Brunners; Love 40 eat at Forty Hands.

Forty Hands Cafe East Coast Road

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Forty Hands East Coast
226 East Coast Road
Singapore 428923

Tel: +65 6877 4860

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 6.30pm

Forty Hands Menu

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