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Laksaamana – Malaysian Laksa in Singapore

Laksaamana started life as a pop-up store inside a print shop in Solaris Dutamas in Kuala Lumpur. It quickly gained a loyal following. There are now several outlets in Malaysia offering Laksaamana’s versions of Malaysian Curry Laksa, Assam Laksa & Prawn Mee. It also has food truck and catering business. The distinctive taste of LaksaaMana’s offerings can now be experienced in Singapore –  in the 百年 Bai Nian Food Court at Chai Chee.

Laksaamana Singapore in Chia Chee

Laksaamana Singapore operates as a hawker stall in 百年 Bai Nian Food Court  (or Centuries Food Court) in Viva Business Park, where the very popular 百年酿豆腐 Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu stall is located.

Laksaamana Menu

A variety of noodles and rice dishes are on the menu of Laksaamana Singapore. There are, of course, laksa and prawn mee but there are also popular dishes like nasi legend, mee soto and lontong.

Laksaamana Singapore in Chia Chee


We ordered Curry Laksa($4.50), Royal Laksa($4.50), Lontong ($4) and Tahu Goreng ($4) for our dinner.

Laksaamana Singapore Lontong

The food was simply presented with disposal bowls and paper food trays. The lontong had lots of ingredients including a generous portion of vegetables, tahu (bean curd), half a hard-boiled egg and slices of compressed rice cakes – topped with kerisik (spiced grated coconut). The coconut milk-based vegetable broth was aromatic, smooth and creamy. It was a delightful bowl of lontong.

Laksaamana Singapore Lontong

Laksaamana Tahu Goreng In Bai Nian

Laksaamana’s Tahu Goreng was good. The peanut sauce topping was very generous. There was a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness; and a good mix of palate-pleasing textures. The tahu goreng dish was packed full of flavours. An enjoyable dish.

Laksaamana Tahu Goreng

Laksaamana KL Style Curry Laksa
Curry Laksa

The Curry Laksa and Royal Laksa of Laksaamana could be used to play “Spot the Difference”. They have the same ingredients – thick bee hoon with fish cakes, tau pok, egg and chicken. The essential difference was the curry.

The curry for the Malaysian style Curry Laksa was similar to the chicken curry we would be used to in Singapore. Laksaamana’s curry had the right blend of spice and coconut milk and was tasty. The thick bee hoon was very smooth and was soft with a nice bite.

Laksaamana Royal Laksa
Royal Laksa

The Royal Laksa was, as advertised, a “marriage of favourite flavours”. The soup of the Royal laksa was a mix of the regular curry and the tangy assam curry. It was an interesting combination which worked.  A very enjoyable dish.

Laksaamana Royal Laksa


It is easy to understand why Laksaamana has a loyal following in Malaysia. The dishes we tried were familiar but each had something extra or a twist which made it interesting and delightful. We liked the Malaysian style laksa of Laksaamana, especially the delectable Royal Laksa. The simple dinner was an enjoyable one.

Laksa Mana? not di Tanjong Katong but di Kampong Chai Chee.

Bai Nian Food Court (Centuries Food Court)
Viva Business Park, Blk 750 Chai Chee Road
Singapore 469000

Tel: +65 9624 6984

Opening Hours: 8.45 am – 9 pm

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