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Katong Laksa Food Court in Roxy Square

There is a Coffeeshop or Food Court in Roxy Square. We are not sure if it has a proper name. Many just referred to it as the Roxy Square Food Court or Katong Laksa Food Court. You guessed it; the famous Original Katong Laksa: Janggut Laksa stall is located there. The food court actually has more to offer than just laksa.

Food Court in Roxy Square

Roxy Square

Ren Min Food Court

Roxy Square Shopping Centre sits on the site of the old Roxy Cinema. It is a long and narrow building that stretches from East Coast Road to Marine Parade Road. On the ground floor at the front of the building, entering from East Coast Road, there are hair salons, boutiques and other sundry shops on one side of a narrow corridor and food stalls on the other side. The actual name of the place with the food stalls may be Ren Min (人民) Coffeeshop or People’s Coffeeshop but you see the signboards of “Marine Parade Laksa” and “Original Katong Laksa: Janggut Laksa” all over the place. We just called it Roxy Food Court or the Katong Laksa Place.

Roxy Food Court

Roxy Square Food Court

Roxy Sq Food Court

The most well known stall in the Food Court in Roxy Square Shopping Centre must be the Original Katong Laksa stall. However, there are other stalls with good food too. Here is a brief overview of the food stalls in the food court in Roxy Square.

The Original Katong Laksa

Roxy Square Food

The post The Original Katong Laksa: It really is the Original! by Ieatishootipost (Dr Leslie Tay) is sort of an authoritative piece on the story and history of The Original Katong Laksa. Suffice it to say that we also think that The Original Katong Laksa with noodles deliberately cut short, so you can just eat with a spoon, and rich lemak gravy is one of the best laksa out there.

Katong Laksa
The Original Katong Laksa ($4.50)

The Original Katong Laksa in Roxy Square does takeaway and online order is now possible in some areas through Foodpanda. The Original Katong Laksa now also has outlets at 331 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Wisma Foodrepublic and Queensway Shopping Centre.

Katong Laksa Facebook Page


Bei-Ing Wanton Mee Roxy Square

Bei-Ing is sort of a hidden gem but those who have eaten at Roxy Square will know of the booming voice of the stall front man. When you order wanton noodles from the stall you will be given a number by “Mr. Orotund”. When your number is up, Mr. Orotund calls it with a loud sonorous voice that fills the whole place. No electronics and no loud speaker involved. No matter where you are seated in the eatery, if you cannot hear Mr. Orotund calling out your number, it is time to see your ENT specialist.

Bei-Ing Yun Tuen Noodles

Bei-Ing Yun Tuen Noodles sells wanton noodles. It has recently moved with the times by decorating the plates with sticky dark sauce. Otherwise, what you get is basically good old traditional wanton noodles with a few pieces of char siew, steamed wantons and fried wantons.

Bei-Ing Wanton Mee
Bei-Ing Yun Tuen Noodles – Wanton Mee ($5)

Roxy Square Food

Bei-Ing now also sells more trendy version of noodles like Chicken Katsu Noodles. It also has Nasi Lemak and Banana Leaf Otah.

Roxy Otah & Nasi Lemak

Roxy’s Rojak

Roxy Rojak

Katong Roxy's Rojak

This rojak stall run by a well-dressed gentlemen seems to have irregular opening hours. When it is opened, there is inevitably a queue in front of it. Expect to wait in line if you want to savour the delicious rojak with a tasty sweet and tangy sauce and crispy you tiao and tau pok.

Roxy's Rojak
Roxy’s Rojak ($4)

Strands & Grains (Closed)

Strands & Grains serves Western food, Pasta and Fried Rice at very reasonable price. Their Beer Battered Fish is popular and the Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken which we tried was nicely cooked and tasty.

You can call them in advance to place order (Tel: 8100 0043).

Strands & Grains Roxy
Strands & Grains Roxy – Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken ($6.50)

Strands & Grains Roxy

Strands & Grains Facebook Page

益 Kway Chap & Vegetarian

Roxy Square Food


This stall, or perhaps 2 stalls, sell Kway Chap on one side and Vegetarian economic rice on the other.

Shy Ken Muslim Food

Roxy Square Food

We have never seen shy Ken at the stall but the few ladies attending to customers seem nice and friendly and not at all bashful. They serve Nasi Padang as well as traditional Malay dishes like Lontong and Mee Siam.

Nancy’s Prawn Noodle & Mee Siam

Roxy Square Food

This stall sells a variety of dishes including Prawn Noodle, Mee Siam, Peanut Porridge and Ban Mian.

Joy Asian Food

Roxy Square Food

Roxy Square Food

Joy Asian Food is a zhi char stall offering a wide range of dishes at reasonable prices. A plate of San Lor Hor fun was $5.

Joy Asian's San Lau Hor Fun
Joy Asian – San Lau Hor Fun ($5)

Drinks Stall

Roxy Square Coffeeshop

There is a drinks stall that also sells toasts, baos and other snacks.

The picture below is of a notice that is pasted all over the food court. The notice tells you how crowded the food court can get and gives you a hint that the peak hours are between 11 am and 3 pm.

Roxy Square


Almost all the stalls will be opened between 11 am and 3 pm. A few of the stalls may open before 11 am and the drinks stall will open as early as 8 am. Stalls like Bei-Ing, Joy Asian and Strands & Grains will stay open till early evening.

The Food Court in Roxy Square in a good option when you like to have a good affordable meal in Katong. It is an Eating Place with interesting stalls and sufficient variety – just remember not to linger around for too long.

Roxy Square
50 East Coast Road
Singapore 428769

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