Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018 – snapshots of our visit to the Mid Autumn Festive Event

Once again the Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018 is being held in the Event Hall of Ngee Ann City, Singapore. Whether you are buying mooncakes for personal consumption or as a gift, one of the best places to shop for mooncakes is at the Takashimaya Mid Autumn Festive Celebrations 2018. The event takes place from Wed 22 Aug to Mon 24 Sep 2018 at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2. This year, more than 50 brands of mooncake vendors gather to offer their products.  We share with you some general information and some specific mooncakes which were interesting to us.

Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair 2018

Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018

Here is a list of the mooncake brands represented at the Taka mooncake fair 2018. There are several newcomers, including Awfully Chocolate mooncakes and Haagan Daz mooncakes! The trends that we noticed this year are: durian mooncakes, vegetarian mooncakes and low-sugar mooncakes. Quite a few brands have some of these in their collections.

Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018 Participants
Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018 Participants

Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair

This year’s Takashimaya Mooncake Fair 2018 has the familiar layout of stalls and exhibitors that we have seen in previous years. Which may be a good thing as we more or less know what to expect but perhaps it would be a better shopping experience for the mooncake festival if something fresh is organised. It is a popular event at Takashimaya, so it is best to avoid the crowds during peak hours.

TWG mooncakes

Many of the top Singapore hotels are represented at the fair. One of them is Ritz Carlton – ‘5 star’ mooncakes that seem to be popular with the shoppers.

Phoenix Lava mooncake is a new brand to showcase their products at the Taka mooncake event 2018.  The gooey lava cake style core looks interesting.

Neo Garden is also listed as a new addition to the Takashimaya Mooncake Festival 2018. The snow skin mao shan wang durian mooncake sounds tempting.

Neo Garden
Neo Group mooncakes

Peony Jade has a mix of traditional and modern colourful mooncakes.

My Mums mooncakes come packaged in quaint old fashioned packaging.

Minamoto Kitchoan – mooncakes with a Japanese touch. The rabbit mooncakes look irresistible and who would not be delighted to receive a box of the tea flavoured mooncakes.

Minamoto Kitchoan

Keong Cheong Thye offers vegetarian mooncakes and low sugar mooncakes.

Keong Cheong Thye vegetarian mooncakes

Kee Wah (Hong Kong) mooncakes may appeal to those who like very traditional mooncake festival goodies.

Kee Wah HK
Kee Wah HK

Another stall that offers traditional mooncakes and related goodies is Tai Chong Kok. We love their retro paper bags and the piglets.

Tai Chong Kok Mid Autumn piglet
Tai Chong Kok pricelist

Xin Cuisine has an unusual range of flavours for their mooncakes. Peranakan mooncakes, mooncakes with green tea and Baileys Irish Cream etc.

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes

Happy Shopping!

Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Date: Wed 22 Aug to Mon 24 Sep 2018

Venue: Takashimaya Square, B2, 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873

Takashimaya Department Store
391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873 |Tel : +65 6738 1111
(Opening hours: 10 am to 9.30 pm)


Parking rates at Ngee Ann City
Mondays to Fridays
12:01am to 12:00pm ; 02:01pm to 05:00pm
Every 30mins or Part Thereof $ 1.28
12:01pm to 02:00pm ; 05:01pm – 07:00pm
Every 30mins or Part Thereof $ 1.82
07:01pm to 12:00am(midnight) – Per Entry charge $ 4.28
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays
12:01am to 12:00pm ; 02:01pm – 05:00pm – First Hour $2.57
Every Subsequent 30mins or Part Thereof $ 1.61
12:01pm – 02:00pm; 05:01pm – 07:00pm – First Hour $ 3.64
Every Subsequent 30mins or Part Thereof $ 2.14
07:01pm to 12:00am(midnight) – Per Entry charge $ 4.28


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