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Baan Ying Singapore – New Thai Restaurant in Royal Square, Novena Singapore (Closed)

Baan Ying Singapore is a new Thai Restaurant in Royal Square. Royal Square is a new complex at the corner of Thomson Road and Irrawaddy Road. It is sandwiched between Novena Square Velocity and Novena Square 2. The three buildings are internally linked to each other and to the Novena MRT station. According to the Baan Ying SG website, this is their first restaurant outside Thailand. The restaurant features Thai home cooking. “Baan Ying” translates to Auntie Ying’s home. They serve genuine flavours of Thailand using Auntie Ying’s receipes.

Baan Ying Singapore
Baan Ying Thai Restaurant at Royal Square Singapore

It has been two months since our visit to Thailand and we were in the mood for some home Thai cooking.  We headed to the new restaurant Baan Ying Singapore at Royal Square.  It is an integrated development with a shopping mall and medical suites. The Courtyard Marriot Singapore Hotel is linked to it. This was the first time going to this new place. Fortunately the mall is linked to the other two older Novena malls that we are familiar with.  We used the parking at Novena Square Velocity. There is a linked covered connector on the ground floor.

We were pleasantly surprised by the vastness and clean decor of Baan Ying Royal Square. They have taken a large corner space on level 2. The full height windows let in a lot of sunlight. The simple decorations with wooden and wicker furniture is a tasteful blend of Asian and Scandinavian influence.

Baan Ying Singapore Menu

The Baan Ying Singapore Menu contains a wide range of items. With the clear pictures and easy navigation of the iPad menu, it was easy to place our orders. Here are pictures of a few sample pages from the Baan Ying Singapore Menu.  We selected several assorted dishes.

Baan Ying Singapore Menu
Baan Ying Singapore Menu

Our meal started with a Thai green papaya salad ($11.80). This was prepared at the table. We were asked for our preferred level of spiciness. We asked for one chilli and it was just enough for us. The slightly sour and mildly spicy papaya salad was a good way to wake up the digestive juices.


The pandan chicken ($10.80) was beautifully presented. Each bundle of pandan leaf was tightly woven. Unfortunately they did not taste as well as they looked. The nuggets of chicken inside were not the juicy moist ones that we were expecting.

The stuffed tofu skin ($9.80) was something less commonly seen. This was a nice tasty dish. It reminded us of one of the dishes from a yong tau fu stall.

The best dish of the day was the tamarind curry with prawns and tofu ($14.80). This was a complex tasting pot of curry. We agreed that it is the must try dish on future visits to Baan Ying Novena. Apart from the tofu and prawns, we used the curry to go with the steamed rice and some other items. The level of spiciness can be specified. We had ours at “less spicy” and it was just right for us.

The fried hor fun with pork collar ($11.80) was a pleasant dish with a fair amount of ‘wok hei’.  It was certainly better than the pineapple rice which, although beautifully presented, had a one-dimensional taste.  It contains quite a few pieces of seafood, but the taste did not permeate into the rice which was mainly sweet in taste.


Our dessert was a classic Thai dessert – mango with sticky rice ($9.80). The mango was fine but not particularly sweet or fragrant. Likewise for the rice which tasted plain.

For drinks we had a Hoegarden beer ($9.80), lemon grass ice tea ($4.80), fresh red apple juice ($4.80) and coke zero ($2.80).  Both the lemon grass drink and apple juice were refreshing and enjoyable.

Overall, the new Baan Ying Singapore outlet is a beautiful Thai restaurant. We had mixed feelings about the food that we ordered that day. We think that there are other good dishes to be discovered in the menu.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall : 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Baan Ying
Royal Square, #02-07,
103 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329566

Tel: +65 9111 7852

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri   –  Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5.30pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun – 11 am – 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Novena MRT

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