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Song Garden Dim Sum Lunch, Mercure Singapore Hotel at Bugis

Mercure Singapore Bugis is a relatively new hotel in Singapore.  Song Garden is the Chinese restaurant at Mercure Bugis which opened around early 2017.  It is apparently helmed by veteran chefs. According to a Straits Times article, Chef Wong Shea Nung used to work at Hong Kong’s famous Fook Lam Moon restaurant and the dim sum chef also hails from Hong Kong. We had a Song Garden dim sum lunch recently.

Song Garden Restaurant occupies a long narrow space. Despite its space constraints the designers have done a fine job in fitting in the tables without making it look cramped.

There are a few private rooms at Song Garden as well. Here is a picture of one of them.

Song Garden dim sum menu

The Song Garden dim sum menu contains the usual dim sum items plus some unusual ones such as baked abalone tart with black truffle and deep-fried charcoal chilli crab meat puff. Notwithstanding the appeal of the unknown, we stuck to some of the usual familiar dim sum items and a few dishes from the ala carte menu.

Song Garden dim sum menu

Song Garden Restaurant Menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the a la carte menu.


The baked snow skin pork bun ($7.20 for 4 pieces) was a lovely start to the meal. A baked version of the char siew bao, these had light pastry and tasty char siew inside.

We did not like the Teochew dumplings ($6.80). They had very thick skin and were plain in taste. The steamed pork ribs ($4.20) were good.

The deep-fried bean curd skin roll with prawn ($6.80) provided a contrast in texture. Crisp skin and crunchy prawns inside.

The subsequent dishes were from the a la carte menu. The carrot cake ($9.80) was the best dish of the day. Carrot cake is a common dish. However, the version at Song Garden was memorable in that it was moist and well executed.

A more unusual dish was the “signature roasted chicken on bed of beancurd skin” ($25). Thin slices of chicken and crisp bean curd skins were presented together with a basket of pancakes. They were then put together with some sweet sauce to make small chicken sandwiches. The result was not bad but it seemed too much like a low intensity, chicken version of Peking duck to us.


Finally, the fried kai lan with garlic ($22) was simple but enjoyable.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 

3 Tops

Song Garden
122 Middle Road
Mercure Singapore Bugis
Singapore 188973

Tel: +65 65216088

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

Weekends/ Public Holiday
Lunch: 11am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Bugis


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