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Urban Greek Hobart

Urban Greek Hobart is a good Greek restaurant that we tried during our recent visit to Hobart, Tasmania.  It scored well in all the areas important to us: food, price, ambience and service.  Located in a convenient area in the city of Hobart, Urban Greek is set up by folks who had spent 20 years on the island of Crete. Which may explain the big scary mural with the mythical Greek minotaur in the dining area.

The external look of Urban Greek Hobart looks like a plain warehouse. The inside of this ‘warehouse’ has been tastefully done up to create a comfortable and attractive contemporary Greek restaurant.  Diffused sunlight enters from large skylights on one side, giving the place a soft, evenly lit ambience.

Urban Greek Hobart Menu

The Urban Greek Hobart Menu is comprehensive and contains the usual items we look for in Greek restaurants and more. Here are pictures of some pages from the drinks list and food menu.

Urban Greek Hobart Menu
Urban Greek Hobart Menu


For drinks we had a Mythos beer and wine from the tap.   Wine aficionados will probably shriek with disgust at the thought of wine dispensed from a tap.  There were two options – pinot noir and sauvignon blanc. We tried the latter (A$19 for 500ml carafe).  It was nice and good value for money.

We ordered a selection of dishes which were mostly our Greek favourites. The soutzoukakia (Greek style meat balls) were more like meat rolls than balls in this case. But the taste was very good. The minced beef had good texture and a mild beefy taste but what made this a memorable dish was the tomato and garlic sauce which was very rich and delicious.

The charcoal octopus (A$24.5) was served all sliced up. It was a good octopus dish but predictable in taste.

The Apaki (Cretan smoked pork A$18) was a dish we had not tried before. It is certainly one which we would want to eat again. The pork was tender and flavourful. Excellent!

One Greek dish that is always on our minds is the moussaka. The one at Urban Greek Hobart was one of the best presented ones we have seen.

For desserts, we tried the yogurt mousse (above, A$10) and the chocolate lava shuffle (A$14).   The latter was presented very beautifully. Both tasted great.

A final affogato ($7.50) signalled the end of our slow lazy lunch at Urban Greek Hobart.


Food: 4

Service: 4

Value: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops


Urban Greek Restaurant


Opening Hours:

Lunch:  Friday & Sunday


Dinner: Monday-Sunday


Tel: (03) 6109 4712

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