Akimitsu Signature Tendon at Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore (Plaza Singapura)

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore at Plaza SIngapura is the local branch of Japanese restaurant Akimitsu. It is described as an award-winning tempura & tendon restaurant originating from Asakusa, Japan with over 128 years of history. With a description like this, I decided that this is a tempura restaurant that I should try when I was at Plaza Singapura recently.

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Plaza Singapura

We love Japanese food, especially those with a good history and track record. In the case of tendon, I remember trying a restaurant (I can’t which particular one) with a long queue when I was at Asakusa, Tokyo some years ago. It may have been many years, but I still remember the wonderful fat tempura prawns that top the bowl of rice. The texture of the batter and sweetish sauce that is spread on top complete the whole package. In Singapore, the closest to that is Kohaku in Suntec City which we have written about (read our post here). I stepped into the Plaza Singapura outlet of Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore hoping that I could re-live my Asakusa experience.

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore

The Akimitsu Singapore restaurant is decorated like a traditional small Japanese restaurant. There is an iPad with an electronic menu as well as many loose leaf, large glossy flyers promoting daily specials. The initial experience seemed authentic enough.

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Menu (Plaza Singapore) 

Here are pictures of some of the items from the Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Menus (Plaza Singapore). The lunch specials look interesting but the choice was easy for me –  the Akimitsu Signature Tendon ($14.90++).

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore Menu (Plaza Singapore) 

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore Menu (Plaza Singapore)

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Singapore

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu Signature Tendon

A small cup of chawanmushi was served soon after my order was taken. It was a plain tasting chawanmushi.

The Akimitsu Signature Tendon looked impressive when it arrived. I like tendon bowls served in this way when the food is stuffed into the bowl till it is almost overflowing.  I had opted for a traditional (non-spicy) sauce.  A bowl of miso soup accompanies the rice.

Here is another view of the tendon. There were a few prawns, a piece of white fish, an onsen egg, a mushroom and many pieces of vegetables. The texture of the fish was disappointing, it was soft, almost mushy. The prawns were slightly better but still not what I was expecting. The remaining parts were the best parts – the rice, the egg, mushrooms and vegetables.  It looks like I will have to go elsewhere to re-live my Asakusa experience.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  3 Tops

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu
68 Orchard Road, #04-65 Plaza Singapura,
Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6264 3390

Nearby MRT Station Dhoby Ghaut



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