Lunch at Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey – the big new restaurant/market at Dempsey Hill (outlet closed)

Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey is probably the biggest restaurant in the Dempsey Hill dining enclave. The new restaurant and fish market occupies a large pat of the ground floor of Block 8D Dempsey Hill. The previous tenant, House at Dempsey used to occupy this space.  The second level of Block 8D also sees big changes. Furniture store Marquis and the showroom of Italian furniture Minotti are now the occupants of level 2. We understand that Minotti moved out of their Hill Street location and are waiting to move into their new space in Raffles Hotel. We were at Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey for lunch and took the opportunity to do a walkabout of the premises of the new tenants of Block 8D.

The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Hill
The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey (Block 8D)

Lunch at Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey

We will first show you the Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey’s restaurant section and our lunch.  As you can imagine, the place is huge. The restaurant takes up about half of the indoor space. The fish market and retail areas take up the balance. There are a few tables outside, facing the jungle at the back of Block 8D.  From a small restaurant in Watten Estate, Greenwood Fish Market has been expanding rapidly in recent times. They have an outlet at Sentosa and Valley Point. But this new one at Dempsey is the most impressive.

The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Hill

The decor of Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey is bright and tastefully done up.  Smart casual is probably the dress code equivalent way of describing it.   It reminded us of another seafood restaurant  – Bayswater Kitchen.

The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Hill

The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Menu

As you can expect, the Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Menu is dominated by seafood items. But for those who prefer their food from the land, there are salads, meat and pasta items as well. The section of the menu that caught our attention was the fish fillet section, which lists quite a number of common and some seldom seen species such as parrot fish and monk fish.

We learnt that the “Fresh Fish” and “Trawler Catch” sections refer to farmed fish and  wild fish respectively.   And not all the types of fish listed were available. Only a few of each category were available that day. We selected monkfish and Atlantic cod ($36 each).

Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Menu
The Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey Menu

Diners get to choose their preferred method of cooking their fish. We went along with the recommended ways of preparing our fish – the Atlantic cod was pan-seared and the monkfish was char-grilled.

The small piece of Atlantic cod was placed at the edge of the plate, making the fries the main focus of the plate. Apart from the serving size, we liked the cod. We would have liked it better if the skin was crisp. Instead it was soft and chewy.

The piece of monkfish was even smaller than the cod. It did not take long for this little piece of fish to be eaten up. To be fair, the taste of it was good. We liked its texture – slightly springy and firm. We were glad that they served us the buns before the fish was served.

The Fish Market at Dempsey

Now we show you the market section of Greenwood Fish Market Dempsey. The vast space was like the seafood section of a small supermarket. There were live crabs and lobsters in tanks. Other types of fish and crustaceans were in the chillers.

Apart from seafood, Greenwood Dempsey also stocks wine and other types of groceries. This is the end of our tour of the Greenwood Seafood Market Dempsey.  We will leave you with some pictures of the furniture stores on level 2, Marquis Studio and Lifestory @ Dempsey.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Greenwood Fish Market
#01- 01 Block 8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672

Opening Hours:
Tur to Sat 1200 – 1030
Sun & PH 1100 – 1030
Closed on Mondays

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