Menya Kokoro – New Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant @ Suntec

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant is the first Singapore branch of the popular Japanese chain for Maze-Soba or “Japanese Dry Ramen”.  Menya Kokoro has many restaurants in Japan as well as in countries like Canada, Spain and Thailand. The new restaurant in Singapore operates as an outlet in Eat at Seven located on level 3 of Suntec City.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba at Eat at Seven

Eat at Seven is a cluster of 7 Japanese restaurants located on the third level of Suntec City. The component restaurants have changed over the years. The one restaurant that has been there the longest is probably the very popular Tempura Kohaku. The latest restaurant to open in Eat at Seven is Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant.

Eat at Seven Suntec

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba at Eat at Seven

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant looks like a fairly typical casual Japanese eatery. The decor is pleasant but the spacing between tables is almost negligible. So it is more of an eat and go place – and not a restaurant for a leisurely meal or intimate conversation.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Suntec City

The menu is quite a straightforward affair. Essentially you either have the Maze-Soba or Maze-Don, that is either noodles or rice with various toppings. There are a few side dishes like gyoza, tofu, chicken karaage and truffle fries.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Suntec City

We went to Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant for dinner recently. We ordered Agedashi Tofu ($4.80), the Signature Tokyo Soba ($10.80) and the Singapore Maze Don ($10.80); and also Genmai Tea ($2.80 each). GST and Service Charge would be added to the menu prices.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

The wait for the food was about 15 minutes. When the noodles were served, we were given Instructions as to how to enjoy the Maze-Soba –

Step 1: Mix Mix
Step 2: Add  special Kombu vinegar
Step 3: Slurrrp (to your heart content)
Step 4: Add one scoop rice “oimeshi”.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

The Original Tokyo Soba looked very interesting. We could hardly see the noodles as they were almost completed covered by the toppings, which included spicy pork, chives, seaweed flakes, green onions, ground saba, minced garlic and egg.

Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Suntec City

We were told that the soba was a special house made multigrain noodle. The noodles were quite thick and chewy. With so many ingredients in the dish, it would be difficult to describe the flavours but there were natural sweetness and a delightful aroma. The pork was quite spicy. When vinegar was added to the dish, it added tartness and balanced the richness and creaminess of the sauce coating the noodles.

Menya Kokoro Suntec City

Menya Kokoro eat at Seven Suntec City

The Maze-Don is apparently a Singapore exclusive. When it was served, the Maze-Don exactly the same as the Maze-Soba. It had the same toppings. It was essentially the traditional Maze-Soba, with the noodles replaced by Japanese rice.

Menya Kokoro Suntec City

The Agedashi Tofu was very nice. The crispy deep fried tofu served with light flavourful sauce was a simple but delightful side dish.

Menya Kokoro Singapore

On the whole, we think the food was flavourful and good enough though not outstanding. Nevertheless, a meal at Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant can be an interesting experience. Maze-Don and Maze-Soba are presented with all the ingredients nicely arranged on top of the rice or noodles. You get the excitement of mixing the ingredients. Adding vinegar to the mixture can be almost like having a second course because the overall taste can change significantly. Finally, you can get a complimentary helping of rice to eat with the remaining sauce. All in a substantial meal for a reasonable price.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs   3 Tops


Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard,
#03-313 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours :
Mon to Thur: 11 am – 3 pm; 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Fri to Sun: 11 am – 10 pm

Tel: +65 6235 3386

Nearby MRT Stations: Esplanade, City Hall

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