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I have found my one Chulove at VivoCity (Closed)

Still searching for Chulove? It is located at level one of VivoCity. Chulove Cafe takes up part of the space formerly occupied by Spanish restaurant Serenity which has closed. From a distance, Chulove Cafe beckoned us to check it out with a fresh, bright look.  Its main attraction is the Spanish snack, churros which, according to their website, are “… made fresh to order with an authentic Spanish recipe”.

Chulove Cafe VivoCity
Chulove Cafe VivoCity

Chulove Cafe produces churros in different flavours. The long churros on display certainly looks attractive. Like us, many people were drawn to this new cafe. While not completely full, the cafe was bustling with people all the time that we were there.

In addition to churros, there were other food items such as croissants. But by comparison, they looked rather plain.

Here are pictures of some portions of the menu board at Chulove Cafe. The churros are served in two forms, in a long stick or cut up into short pieces in a cup. With all the major publicity about the dangers of diabetes, we restrained ourselves and settled on only one stick of long churro ($3) and some coffee.

Chulove Cafe VivoCity Menu
Chulove Cafe Menu VivoCity

We were asked if we were buying for dining in or take away. But it seems that everyone was served with disposable items even for dining in. Here is a picture of our coffee and churro on our improvised tray.

I must say that the churro tasted and looked good. The green tea latte ($4.50) was not bad but the coffee ($3.5 for long black, $4.5 for cappuccino) was average.


Chulove Cafe is a pleasant place to have a pitstop whilst shopping at VivoCity. Most of the seating are on stools, which though nice, meant that it is tiring to hang out for  long. Our experience with Chulove therefore did not last long. After thirty minutes it was time to look for eternal love.

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