Old Hong Kong Kitchen – Chinese restaurant in KINEX (Outlet Closed)

老香港小鲜 Old Hong Kong Kitchen is a new Chinese restaurant in KINEX (formerly known as One KM Mall). Known for its dim sum and roast meats, Old Hong Kong Kitchen also offers a good range of soup, seafood and vegetarian options.

Old Hongkong Kitchen KINEX
Old Hongkong Kitchen KINEX

Located on level 2 of KINEX Mall, Old Hong Kong Kitchen has a small frontage. The long narrow corridor from the entrance leads to the main dining hall which is quite spacious. There are big round tables, which will be good for family gatherings, as well as booth seats that will be good for dining party of two to four.

Old HK Kitchen KINEX
Old Hongkong Kitchen Katong

Old Hong Kong Kitchen Menu

The Menu of Old Hong Kong Kitchen is quite extensive covering all the usual categories you will typically find in a Chinese restaurant menu. There are a few interesting items like Deep Fried Prawn with Durian Paste, Deep Fried Pig’s Intestine, Flaming Kurobuta Pork with DangGui Sauce and Sautéed Frog with Fresh Mushroom. There are also special menu of the month and set menus. Below are pictures of a few pages of the a la carte menu of Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ KINEX.

Old Hongkong Kitchen Menu
Old Hongkong Kitchen Menu
Old Hongkong Kitchen Menu

Dinner at Old Hong Kong Kitchen

Old Hongkong Kitchen

We visited the newly opened Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ KINEX recently for dinner not knowing quite what to expect. We ordered 2 dishes – Deep Fried Egg Plant with Meat Floss ($9.80) and Braised Beancurd with Mushroom & Vegetable ($19.80) –  a bowl of Noodle with Shark Bone Cartilage ($9.80) and a bowl of plain congee ($3.20). As would be expected, service charge and GST would be added to the bill. Additionally, there would be the usual Chinese restaurant overheads – snacks ($0.80 each), wet towel ($0.80 each) and tea ($$2.80 per person).

Old Hongkong Chinese Restaurant

The food was served quite promptly. Service was friendly and attentive.

The Deep Fried Egg Plant with Meat Floss looked rather unexciting but it tasted very good. Instead of the usual fluffy meat floss, at Old Hong Kong Kitchen the eggplant was topped with deep fried garlic and meat floss. The crispy bits of garlic added depth to the dish’s aroma, flavour and texture.   

Old Hongkong Kitchen Eggplant
Old Hongkong Kitchen Beancurd

The portion size of the Braised Beancurd with Mushroom & Vegetable was quite large. The dish was nice bit nothing very special.

We were surprised when the congee was served. It came in a very large bowl.  It could easily be shared by two to three persons if you are having the congee with other dishes. 

Old Hongkong Kitchen Congee
Old Hongkong Kitchen Menu

The Noodle with Shark Bone Cartilage was one of the recommended specialities of Old Hong Kong Kitchen. It did not disappoint. The mee sua scallops were cooked just right and the broth was rich and delicious.

Old Hongkong Kitchen Mee Sua

We were quite impressed by the menu of Old Hong Kong Kitchen and we thought the taste and quality of the food were quite good. Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ KINEX is a suitable place for office meals and family gatherings as well as for a quick casual meal. We will be happy to return to try thier dim sum and other items on their menu.

Old Hongkong Kitchen Peking Duck

Old Hongkong Kitchen @ KINEX
#02-21 KINEX Mall
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar

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1 thought on “Old Hong Kong Kitchen – Chinese restaurant in KINEX (Outlet Closed)”

  1. I like the food at Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ Kinex. This is the second time I am patronizing the restaurant. The portion is just right and the price is reasonable.

    What I find a little wanting, is the service.

    The service of the waitresses can be improved. One talked too much and in the end, the patron’s instruction was not carried out by the kitchen staff.
    Another was so reluctant to call the ” black coats” ( Captain or Supervisor ) when the patron requested to speak to one. She just walked away. That’s was rude.

    The kitchen staff should also be trained to listen and follow instructions. The patron asked that the carcass of the Beijing Duck be left whole and not chopped. The waitress wrote down the instruction but apparently the kitchen staff ignored the instruction and rushed ahead to chop it up. It gives the patron the sneaky feeling that they did so to earn the extra $5/- for chopping. If so, that is not very honest.
    Please don’t do that. Not every patron mind but patrons who specifically gave instruction not to cut up the duck carcasses may mind.

    I have been in the Chinese restaurant line for 13 years so please consider this a constructive feedback.

    On the whole, I enjoyed the food and will probably come again.

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