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Arnold’s Fried Chicken – Chicks in the City

We had chicks in the city recently – or should we say we had fried chicken in City Plaza. We seldom go to City Plaza but a good reason to visit the old mall at the junction of Tanjong Katong Road and Geylang Road is that Arnold’s Fried Chicken is there. The home grown eatery is one of the best places in Singapore for fried chicken.

Arnold's Fried Chicken

Arnold’s Fried Chicken has been in business in City Plaza for about 3 decades and it continues to draw in the crowd. In spite of competition from all over the world – such as Over & Fried Chicken of Korea, Jollibee of Philippines and The Bird of USA – Arnold’s Fried Chicken still has a loyal and growing following. It has started a home delivery service and now has 5 outlets, including the new 100-seat outlet at The Frontier Community Club in Jurong West. Their fried chicken is regarded by many as the best fried chicken you can buy in Singapore.

Hidden in a corner on level 2, Arnold’s Fried Chicken City Plaza announced its presence with bright colours. The dining space is compact.

There is almost always a queue outside the self-service fast food restaurant. Part of the reason for the queue is the system used to take orders and assign tables. First, you queue at the cashier’s counter at the entrance of the restaurant. You place your order with the cashier and you will be given a chit with a number written on it. You then wait outside the restaurant for your number to be called. The wait can be quite long when the restaurant is crowded.

When seats become available in the restaurant, your number will be called. At that time you go up to the cashier and pay. You will then be assigned a table and given a receipt with another number. You then go to your table and wait for your number to be flashed on the electronic screen. When your number is up you go to the service counter to collect the food you have ordered. 

Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu

The menu of Arnold’s Fried Chicken offers various chicken meals as well as fish and chips, soups, various sides, desserts and beverages. Below is a picture of the menu board. The online menu is available on the website of Arnold’s Fried Chicken (link below).

Arnold’s Fried Chicken Meals

During our  recent visit to Arnold’s Fried Chicken City Plaza, we ordered two set meals – the 2 Piece Chicken Meal ($7.30) and Half Spring Chicken Meal ($8.30). Both meals include fries and coleslaw.

As you can see from the photos bellow, presentation is basic. You are expected to eat with your hands, though a plastic spoon is provided for the coleslaw; and yes, they still give you straws for your drinks.

Arnold's Fried Chicken near Paya Lebar MRT
2 Piece Meal

The chicken was served piping hot. We could tell that it had just been cooked in really hot oil but the chicken was not oily. It was well marinated with a mix of spices and herbs. The skin was really crisp and very enjoyable. The meat was moist and tender.

Half Spring Chicken Meal

We have visited Arnold’s Fried Chicken many times over the years and we are happy to say that they have maintained a consistent standard – only prices have changed. Arnold’s Fried Chicken is a place where we can forget our table manners and our diet plan and just enjoy tender, juicy, crunchy and, probably, fatty fried chicken. When we need a perk-up, chicks in the city always do the trick.

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs     3 Tops


Arnold’s Fried Chicken, City Plaza
810 Geylang Rd
City Plaza #02-99
Singapore 409286

Tel: +65 6746 2372

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar


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