Lunch at Magosaburo Ngee Ann City

Magosaburo 燒肉孫三郎 (シンガポール) is a restaurant that specialises in serving Japanese beef, mostly Wagyu. They have just moved into their new outlet Magosaburo Ngee Ann City from their previous location at Ion Orchard. We had a good experience at their former place (read about our visit here) and decided to have lunch at their new Magosaburo Takashimaya outlet. While the focus on a Japanese dining experience where guests can enjoy their choice of beef has remained the same, we think we prefer the old Magosaburo.

Magosaburo Ngee Ann City
Magosaburo Ngee Ann City

The new Magosaburo Ngee City outlet is located on the fifth level. One floor above Takashimaya and on the same level as Best Denki. The signboard looked familiar. But when we stepped into the new restaurant, the difference between the old and new Magosaburo was like day and night. Replacing the bright spacious feel of the Ion Orchard outlet was a dark sombre atmosphere at the new Ngee Ann City outlet. It is matter of taste, but we definitely prefer the old atmosphere.

Magosaburo Ngee Ann City

Here are pictures of some pages of the Magosaburo Ngee Ann City Lunch Menu. Basically there are two categories of lunch dishes. The “Lunch Course” items are more expensive and priced from $58 onwards. The “Lunch Menu” items are more affordable and priced from $19.80 onwards. We selected items from the Lunch Menu.

Magosaburo Ngee Ann City Course Lunch
Magosaburo Ngee Ann City Lunch Menu
Magosaburo Ngee Ann City Lunch Menu

Each Lunch Menu selection came with a potato salad, rice, miso soup and fruits. The potato salad served at the start of the meal was not bad.

The Sukiyaki Set with Australian beef ($19.80) was an enjoyable dish. Even though the Aussie beef option was the cheaper option (the Japanese Ohmi Wagyu beef option costs $29.80), we thought that it was pretty good.

The Beef in Tanagawa Style Set using Australian beef ($19.80) was something which we ordered without knowing what it was. Thin slices of beef were cooked in a mix of egg, onions and other vegetables. The tastes of beef, egg and onions blended well.

The Wagyu BBQ Set ($26.80) is an item to order when we are on a diet. Very very thin slices of the precious wagyu beef were presented. We could grill it ourselves on the yakiniku stove or have them do it – we opted for the latter. Which was a good choice as the meat was so delicate, we would have probably ruined it. The taste of the Japanese beef was superb. If someone else was paying, we would order lots of this Japanese beef to eat with some red wine.

Magosaburou Wagyu BBQ Set

Our last dish at Magosaburo Ngee Ann City was the most beautiful but the least enjoyable. The Chirashi Don Set ($26.80) scored highly on looks but low on taste and texture. We should stick to the beef dishes at Magosaburo.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

391 Orchard Road 
#05-31 Ngee Ann City 
Singapore 238872

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours:
11:30AM-03:00PM | 06:00PM-10:00PM
(Lunch L.O. 2:30PM) (Dinner L.O. 9:30PM)
Weekend & Public Holiday (Open all day)
(Dinner L.O. 9:30PM)

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard


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There is an old adage, “A year to grow, two years to plough and a year to fatten.” The beef medieval people would have eaten would have been a maturer, denser meat than we are used to today. I have always longed to try it. The muscle acquired from a working ox would have broken down over the fattening year and provided wonderful fat covering and marbling. Given the amount of brewing that took place, the odds are that the animals would have been fed a little drained mash from time to time. Kobe beef, that excessively expensive Japanese beef, was originally obtained from ex-plough animals whose muscles were broken down by mash from sake production and by massage.
― Clarissa Dickson Wright

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