Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019 – 8 ideas that will wow your guests this Chinese New Year

The Takashimaya Chinese New Year Festive Celebrations 2019 (sometimes affectionately referred to as the Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019) takes place from 10 January 2019 to Sunday 3 February 2019 (the first day of Chinese New Year this year falls on Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019). As usual, the popular CNY Fair is held at the Takashimaya Square, the open event space at basement 2. We stopped by on the first day of Taka CNY Fair 2019 to have a look.

Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019

A Quick Summary of Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019

As in previous years, there is a wide range of exhibitors at Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019. Food and new year goodies make up the bulk of the things on sale at Takashimaya Square. There are many interesting brands such as Pat Chun and Kee Wah Bakery from Hong Kong and evergreen local brands like Bengawan Solo, Bee Cheng Hiang and Bakerzin. Here is a list of the participating stores at Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019.

We believe that this is the best place to find all the CNY snacks and cookies under one roof. The fact that it is air-conditioned and there are many items available for sampling seal the deal for us. With so many things going on we thought that we should focus on 8 things that will make our CNY reception stand out from the usual spread of food and drinks. So here is our list of ideas on what to buy at the Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019 to impress your guests.

8 Ideas from Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019 to wow your guests

1. Fruits and Nuts from King of Melon Seeds

The humble peanut and melon seeds are a must-have on every coffee table during CNY. Glam up your CNY treats by upsizing these staples to the premium peanuts and melon seeds from King of Melon Seeds. Apart from their size and unique looks (the nuts are black or striped), they taste more nutty and have a richer taste. Serve them with an assortment of mixed dried fruits. The fruits have Chinese names that are auspicious and their brilliant colours and textures will brighten up any table.

2. A Taste of Japan from Tozai

Singaporeans love Japanese food. Your guests will welcome a break from the usual dried pork when you offer them dried seafood options from Tozai. The squid senbei tasted amazing. They also have a wide range of other Japanese treats which will fit well within the round platter we serve CNY cookies with. They are generous with samples, so feel free to try before you buy.

3. No Guest Will Refuse Ginseng Tea

It has never crossed our mind to serve ginseng tea during Chinese New Year. Until we stopped at the JAB Fresh Korean Ginseng stall at Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019. Yes, ginseng is expensive but it certainly looked luxurious when served out of the glass pot. Just add a few red dates and the natural goodness in the drink will charm your guests. Again, don’t take our word for it, try the sample and see if you like it.

4. Be prepared for unexpected visitors with noodles from Twosomes

Visitors sometimes get delayed or turn up at odd hours. In the spirit of generosity, we have to have a contingency plan to feed them. Normal instant noodles will serve this function but will not wow your guest. The abalone noodles from Twosomes probably will. We have never heard of Twosomes noodles until now. According to their website, they have more than 100 years of history in Hong Kong. These instant noodles are not fried but steamed and baked, free of preservative and artificial flavourings. Each packet looks small but expands into a small bowl when cooked.

5. Crabs in three flavours – Chilli, Black Pepper and Salted Egg Sauce

We are quite sure your guests will be thrilled if you serve them chilli crab during CNY. Even better if you offer all three flavours being sold by House of Seafood. The crabs are cooked and frozen. They also sell the sauces (w/o crab) at $9.80 each. This is the one item on this list that we did not try but the idea of having three types of crabs without the hassle of cooking them certainly sounds appealing to us.

6. Luxurious goodies from Salon de Royal Kyoto

Salon de Royal Kyoto – Taka CNY Fair 2019

It would be nice to visit a friend who not only serves us the usual love letters and pineapple tarts but something different like these delicious treats from Kyoto. Even better if washed down with a cup of Korean ginseng tea. That is a way to wow your guest during Chinese New Year 2019.

7. Same But Different – unusual flavours from Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019

Rasa Sayang is a household name when it comes to CNY goodies. In fact you may want to stop by this stall to stock up on the usual staples. Be sure to throw in some unusual flavours that will surprise your guests. They may look familiar but taste refreshingly new. Care for some tom yum cashews and gado gado emping ?

8. Feminine Style of CNY Goodies by Home’s Favourite

Home’s Favourite at Taka CNY Fair 2019

Home’s Favourite has a range of cookies which are feminine both in looks and in taste. These heart shaped goodies come in “high-tea” flavours such as lychee and rose tea. The odd one out is the laksa flavour. But it tasted pretty good as well.

These were only a small portion of the vast amounts of CNY goodies and festive foods available at Takashimaya CNY Fair 2019. It is best to visit during off peak times to enjoy the festive atmosphere and to sample the food items.

There are also a couple of stalls selling CNY decorations including of course the cute piglets. Cheers!

Takashimaya Chinese New Year Festive Celebrations
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Takashimaya Square, B2

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