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Took Lae Dee – Cheap & Good Thai Food

The name “Took Lae Dee” may sound like the Singlish answer to the question “have you taken your dinner?” but that is not the reason why this Thai restaurant is popular in Singapore. Took Lae Dee finds ready acceptance because it caters to the many Singaporeans who spend considerable time and energy looking for C&G food. In Thai, Took Lae Dee means Cheap and Good (C&G) and Took Lae Dee Singapore in 18 Tai Seng does serve C&G Thai food.

Took Lae Dee is a Thai restaurant chain that started in 1985 and is popular because its casual diners are open round the clock and serve good food at a cheap price. It is also famous in Thailand because it appeared in many Thai movies.

Took Lae Dee Singapore

The Singapore outlet of Took Lae Dee opened in the middle of 2018. It is the first branch outside Thailand. Located in 18 Tai Seng, Took Lae Dee in Singapore is not open 24 hours a day but it still serves cheap and good food, with the classic Pad Krapaw priced at only $3.80.

Took Lae Dee in Tai Seng has an air-conditioned dining area designed around an open kitchen. You can sit at the counter and watch the chefs at work or take one of the regular dining tables. There is an al freasco dining area in the sheltered portion of the concourse between the main buidling of 18 Tai Senf and the F&B annex.

Took Lae Dee Singapore is a self service diner. Order and payment are made at the cashier’s counter. You collect your beverages at the counter at the time of payment. Food is prepared to order. You will be prompted by the buzzer when your food is ready for collection.

Took Lae Dee Menu

The menu of Took Lae Dee Singapore is fairly simple but it covers the usual Thai rice and noodle dishes popular in Singapore. A current online menu can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook Page (link below).

Took Lae Dee menu

Lunch at Took Lae Dee

We went for lunch at Took Lae Dee Singapore and ordered the Pad Krapaw ($3.80) with fried egg ($1.20) as an add on and the Pad Thai Hor Kai ($8).

The Pad Krapaw, rice with minced pork stir fried with chilli and basil leaves, was a really good value dish. The pork was aromatic and flavourful. It will be difficult to find a better C&G dish in Singapore

Pad Thai Hor Kai was essentially fried Thai noodles in an envelope of fried egg. The stir-fried rice noodle dish is quite common in Singapore and Took Lae Dee’s version, while not bad, was not very special.

We tried the Iced Butterfly Pea Tea ($2.80). It was essentially iced soda water with the coloring of dried blue butterfly pea flowers. It would not be a drink we would order in the future.

We also had the Coconut Ice Cream ($1.80) for dessert and there was no regret. The simple scoop of ice cream was enhanced by a few strips of jackfruit and a generous drizzle of salty coconut milk. It was a cheap and good dessert.

Took Lae Dee Singapore
18 Tai Seng
Singapore 539775

Tel: +65 6272 2000

Opening Hours: 11 am – 9 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Tai Seng

Took Lae Dee Singapore Menu

Facebook Page

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