Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品 – Dessert in Singapore is hard to avoid

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) aims to get Singaporeans to cut their sugar intake by 25%. That will entail reducing consumption of sugar found in sauces, desserts and sweet drinks. However, we found that it is very hard to avoid being tempted by dessert in Singapore. In fact, we have cafes like Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品 which reminds us to enjoy dessert.

Ji De Chi Dessert

Ji De Chi Tián Pǐn 記得吃甜品 actually means “remember to eat dessert”. Ji De Chi is a dessert cafe chain with tempting range of desserts from colourful snowy ice to traditional tang yuan.

Ji De Chi Dessert Outlets

It is hard to avoid dessert in Singapore when chains like Ji De Chi Dessert have many outlets all over the island. There are Ji De Chi outlets in popular malls such as Westgate, Waterway Point, Suntec City and Holland Piazza. We were at Eastpoint Mall recently and could not resist stopping by for some sweets at Ji De Chi Dessert Eastpoint.

Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品

The Ji De Chi Dessert outlet at Eastpoint Mall occupies an open space on the ground floor atrium. The furnishing is functional and there is no question of privacy at the place. Everyone walking around the atrium can see what you are eating. Perhaps that is a clever marketing ploy. The enticing desserts being enjoyed by those in the cafe may draw more customers into the dessert shop.

Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品

Ji De Chi Dessert Menu

The menu of Ji De Chi Dessert Cafe is quite extensive. There are traditional and contemporary desserts as well as a fair range of snacks and beverages. Below are photos of sections of the menu. An online menu is available (link below).

Ji De Chi Dessert menu
Ji De Chi Dessert menu
Ji De Chi Dessert menu
Ji De Chi Dessert menu
Ji De Chi Dessert menu

Desserts at Eastpoint Mall

We had already overeaten during dinner, as usual, when we passed by Ji De Chi Dessert Cafe @ Eastpoint Mall. Our excuse for going into the cafe was that we wanted a drink. So we ordered a Lemon Barley ($2.50). Since ginger soup was sort of like a drink, we also ordered Tang Yuan with Ginger Soup ($3.60). While going through the menu we were rather intrigued by the Pumpkin Pan Cake ($4.60) so we thought we would try some.

The drink and tang yuan were served on a nice wooden tray. The lemon barley drink was quite refreshing and it was not too sweet. We felt like we were having something rather healthy.

The tang yuan came with five glutinous rice balls with different fillings – sesame and peanut. The slippery mochi-like rice balls had a nice chewy texture. The ginger soup was mildly spicy. The traditional dessert was quite enjoyable.

The deep fried pumpkin pan cake had a crispy outer layer. The suash cake inside was slightly sticky and had a soft and delicate texture. They were nice – something which could be enjoyed as a starter, snack or dessert.

Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品

What we had at Ji De Chi Dessert Cafe @ Eastpoint Mall was nice but not super exciting or delicious. That may be a good thing as we would otherwise be easily lured into consuming more desserts in Singapore than the HPB would recommend. Then again, with interesting items on Ji De Chi menu – like Double Skin Milk Pudding with Mango Puree, Chendol Snowy Ice and Durian Pomelo Sago – we are more than likely to end up in another Ji De Chi Dessert Cafe sooner rather than later. Unless we stop visiting malls, dessert in Singapore is hard to avoid.

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Ji De Chi Dessert @ Eastpoint Mall
3 Simei Street 6
Singapore 528833

Tel: +65 6906 3307



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