Lunch at Caprice Hong Kong – 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in the Four Seasons

Caprice Hong Kong is a French restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Central Hong Kong. Located within the International Finance Centre (IFC) Complex, it is situated at the edge of water on Hong Kong Island and has a clear view of Kowloon on the other side. Caprice HK is one of seven 3-star Michelin restaurants in Hong Kong listed in the 2019 Michelin Guide. Of these, only two are French restaurants. The other one is L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. We had lunch at Caprice Hong Kong during our recent trip to the Fragrant Harbour.

Starting from the long narrow corridor leading to the restaurant, we could sense that this was going to be a restaurant that was going to be special. Caprice Hong Kong is probably the most beautiful restaurant in Hong Kong. It looks wonderful in these pictures but the real thing is even more breathtaking – the sheer opulence of the chandeliers, the furniture and the furnishings are top notch. If we were an architect in The Good Place this will be the restaurant we would create.

We had a table that looks out into the distance. The ICC Building is on the other side.

Caprice Hong Kong Menu

As you can imagine, dining at Caprice Hong Kong is an expensive affair. Fortunately there is an affordable (relatively speaking) set lunch menu. The price of the Caprice set lunch ranges from HK$645 for the three course to HK$895 for the 5-course lunch. Here are pictures of the Caprice set lunch menu as well as some sample pages from the main menu and wine list.

Caprice Hong Kong Set Lunch Menu
Caprice HK Wine List

We placed our orders for a three course lunch and were prompty served with the amuse bouche and presented with a selection of bread.

The Appetisers

We selected the slow cooked farm egg and the foie gras terine as our appetisers. We were happy with both choices. The blend of flavours and complexity of taste were extremely enjoyable. The contrast of foie gras and fresh orange was delightful.

Slow cooked farm egg with artichoke
Foie gras terrine with cocoa, fresh mandarine and marmalafe

The Main Courses

For our main courses, we selected the roasted lamb saddle and the turbot, fennel and orange. We liked both our main courses but found the turbot to be more distinctive in taste. The fish was freshly delicate and perfectly cooked. The mild saffron sauce enhanced it further.

Lamb saddle with black garlic
Turbot, fennel and orange, saffron sauce


For dessert, we chose the hazelnut sablé and Jivara chocolate cream and a selection of cheese from the Caprice cheese cellar. We immediately regretted selecting the cheese when it was served. Just four pieces of cheese placed on a plate. It might be a new minimalist way of serving cheese, but we did not find it appealing, especially in a 3 star restaurant. It looked like what we do at home with cheese from a supermarket tray. No description of the cheese was provided nor any of the usual cheese accompaniments. Some crackers were provided on request.

The hazelnut sablé was as perfect as the other dishes.

The Caprice Hong Kong restaurant was luxurious and the food was as good as what we expected of a three-starred restaurant. If only the service was of the same high level, lunch would be perfect. Everyone was nice and courteous but a higher level of spontaneity rather than being reactive would be nicer.

Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Caprice Restaurant
6/F, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
8 Finance Street
Central, Hong Kong


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