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The Little House of Dreams and Ben & Jerry’s – nice place for a kid’s party at Dempsey

The Little House of Dreams and Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey seem like a good place to host a children’s party. They are neighbours in Block 8 of Dempsey Hill. They have two separate entrances but once inside, their spaces are interconnected. The Little House of Dreams is a cafe which has been done up in a very cute way and some parts of it look like the inside of a doll’s house. With Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream available on demand, we think that the young and the young at heart will have a good time.

Little House of Dreams Dempsey
Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey
Little House of Dreams Dempsey interior

The interior space of the cafe has the small nooks that look adorable. I think it is a charming place for both the children and the adults. There are sufficient tables to pull together to form a long table for parties.

Little House of Dreams Menu

There were colourful cakes on display in the chiller which looked quite tempting. Apart from desserts, the Little House of Dreams also has a regular western food menu. Nothing fancy, just items like brunch food, burgers, pasta, pizzas etc. which are items suitable for children’s parties. In fact, one such party was being set up while we were there.

Little House of Dreams Menu

Ben & Jerry’s

The Ben & Jerry’s section of the place is more modestly fitted out. I guess there is no need for fancy furniture when the ice-cream is what draws customers through the door.

We did not order food from the House of Dreams, just some coffee to go with the Belgian Waffle Sundae from Ben & Jerry’s. The waffle sundae costs $18.90 with two scoops of ice-cream. I can’t remember which flavours of ice-cream we had – Ben & Jerry’s usually has long names for their ice-cream. They were chocolate and strawberry and tasted delicious. The waffles however could be better. They had a nice taste but were cold and soft. They would be perfect if warm and crisp on the outside. The coffee from the House of Dreams were good ($5.90 for cappuccino and $4.90 for long black).

There is always room for ice-cream, an ice-cream cone for the road!

Little House of Dreams

Block 8 Dempsey Road
Singapore (247696

Mon-Thu: 11am-10:30pm
Fri & Eve of PH: 11am-12am
Sat: 9am-12am
Sun & PH: 9am-10:30pm

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