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Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road – Curry Fish Head Lunch

Banana Leaf Apolo fish head curry is a dish that we have not tried in a while. While there are places to go for curry fish head these days, our memories about this famous Indian restaurant in Little India made us decide to revisit them and try their signature dish at their Race Course Road main restaurant.

Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road
Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road - Curry Fish Head Lunch

Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road is a large restaurant. It has tables laid out neatly in rows. A large banquet can be held here. The chandeliers added some bling to the place. Some dishes are displayed at the counter – nasi padang style. Diners can order at the counter or from the menu.

Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road (interior)

Here are pictures of a few pages from the Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road menu. We decided to have a small fish head curry ($24) and mutton chops ($10 for a small portion).

Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road Menu
Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road Menu


Each place on the table has an empty plate on which a piece of banana leaf is placed. A good idea as it adds to the flavour of the rice and makes the washing up easier. Each order of steamed rice with vegetables – brinjal and cabbage costs $3.50. You can eat as much rice as you want. Our server slapped on big scoops of rice on our plates before we could say stop. But we finished them anyway. Such is the power of curry.

One fish head for two people should be enough but we tried the mutton chops anyway to break the monotony. The small portion contained two pieces of mutton. It was a quite gamey and very oily dish. A strong tasting dish but became much better when diluted with plenty of rice.

Banana Leaf Apolo Curry Fish Head

Now to the main event – the curry fish head. The head was small but had sufficient meat. It was a complete head, as compared to half a head (split down the middle) which is served in some places for a small portion.

The taste of the curry was pretty much the same as we remembered it to be – mildly spicy and sourish. It contains less vegetables these days. I think they used to have the whole pot filled with vegetables. Now the pot was mostly empty besides the head and a few pieces of ladies finger.

The fish was slightly fishy and over cooked. Fortunately the curry flavours cloaked over any imperfections.

Banana Leaf Apolo Race Course Road
54 Race Course Rd,
Singapore 218564.

Tel: +65 6293 8682


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