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Alt. Pizza Suntec City

Alt. Pizza Suntec City with its street-art concept appeals to the hip and trendy crowd. However it is also a suitable restaurant for eating with the family or with a large group of colleagues or friends. Alt. Pizza has various hot deals which can make a meal there very affordable. Besides pizza, it also offers a good selection pasta, salad and desserts.

Alt. Pizza Suntec City

Alt. Pizza Suntec City

Alt. Pizza Suntec City is located on the ground level Tower 4 and faces the Fountain of Wealth. It has a small al fresco dining area which is popular in the evening. Inside the air-conditioned dining hall the furnishing is simple but colourful. It has a casual relaxed atmosphere.

Alt. Pizza Suntec City
Alt. Pizza Suntec City

Alt. Pizza Menu

The menu of Alt. Pizza is a simple affair. If you cannot find your favourite pizza on the menu, you can design your own. There are also varios combo deals and promotional packages which offer good value. Beer and wine are on the menu. Below are pictures of the menu of Alt. Pizza Suntec City.

Alt. Pizza Suntec City Menu
Alt. Pizza Menu
Alt. Pizza Promotions Package

Dinner at Alt. Pizza Suntec City

We went to Alt. Pizza Suntec City for dinner. We ordered the Super Single Deal ($22) to be shared by the two of us. The combo package comprised a pizza of our choice, chicken wings and a choice of beverages. We picked the Hawaiian Hippie Pizza. The food was served after a short wait.

Alt. Pizza Suntec City

The Alt. Wings were doused with a hot sauce. They were nice but not particularly remarkable.


The pizza base was thin in the middle and thicker on the edges. It was light and slightly chewy. The toppings on the pizza were quite generous. Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pepperoni and pineapple with their different textures and flavours combined well. It was not gourmet stuff but good enough for ordinary people looking for a good simple meal.

If your philosophy is that you live to eat rather than eat to live, then you may want to look elsewhere. There are other restaurants with better pizzas than what you find in Alt. Pizza. For us, we eat primarily because we are hungry and we do not want to pay too much for our food but still do not want to waste calories on bad food. Alt. Pizza meets our needs. Reasonable prices, friendly service and food which is definitely more than just fuel for life add up to a good reason to eat at Alt. Pizza again.

Alt. Pizza Suntec City

Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Alt. Pizza Suntec City
01-602, Suntec City Tower 4
Singapore 038989

Tel: +65 68369207

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm


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