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Restaurant Lerouy – casual fine dining

Restaurant Lerouy is a counter-seat only restaurant in Stanley Street serving modern French Cuisine. Helmed by Chef Christophe Lerouy, this intimate restaurant is one of the best places for affodable casual fine dining in Singapore.

Restaurant Lerouy
Lerouy - by the renowned Chef Christophe Lerouy

Lerouy at Stanley Street

Located in a shophouse along Stanley Street, near the Amoy Food Centre, Restaurant Lerouy has an understated frontage. Its red logo is on one of the windows but you need to go closer to see its name of the glassdoor and on its minimalist menu board mounted next to the door.

Restaurant Lerouy Menu

Walk through the glass door and you will be greeted by a long narrow space with an open kitchen and a wavy counter that runs the length of the restaurant. The industrial chic interior is warmed up by the inclusion of wooden counter top.

Restaurant Lerouy

Lerouy Menu

Lerouy does not have an a la carte menu. The current menu board simply has the following information:-

Lunch Menu Petit $38++ 
Lunch Menu Grand $55++ 
Dinner Menu Petit $98++ 
Dinner Menu Grand $128++ 

You will have to leave it to Chef Christophe Lerouy, who has won a Michelin star as Chef de Cuisine at Alma by Juan Amador, to serve you dishes which are close to his heart.

We visited Restaurant Lerouy for lunch and opted for the 3 course Menu Petit. Chef Christophe Lerouy or one of the other chefs would serve each of the dishes and explain the ingredients in each of their creations. We cannot remember all the names and ingredients of the dishes and will let the photos tell the story.


Before the first course was served, four tapas items were presented. The presentation was interesting and every item was delightful.

 Restaurant Lerouy Tapas
 Restaurant Lerouy Tapas
Jerusalem artichoke with scallop

The Jerusalem artichoke with scallop and the emulsion of beef broth in small test tubes were particularly enjoyable.

 Restaurant Lerouy Tapas
Toasted focaccia spread with creme fraiche, draped lardo and sprinkled with chives.
 Restaurant Lerouy Sourdough Bread

A sourdough loaf was served with 4 different types of butter. The delicious bread alone would be enough to persuade us to eat at Lerouy again.

 Restaurant Lerouy Sourdough Bread

Lunch Begins

After the snacks and bread, lunch began with a beautiful dish that came in a bowl. Created with crab, cheese, tomato ice and various other ingredients, it tasted even more wonderful than it looked.

 Restaurant Lerouy Iberico Pork

The next dish was thin slices of Ibérico pork drizzled generously with a sweet tangy sauce. The pork was slightly chewy but on the whole it was a tasty dish.

 Lerouy Iberico Pork


 Restaurant Lerouy Banana Split

Dessert was Lerouy’s version of banana split comprising banana custard, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It was a delightful combination of textures and flavours.

 Lerouy Banana Split

Petit Four

 Restaurant Lerouy coffee & petit four

If the meal seemed to lack carbohydrates, the petit fours served would make up for it. The strawberry jelly and toasted marshmallows were very sweet. The raspberry topped with pistachio puree looked the best and was the most delicious. Coffee ($6.50) was good and strong and was a nice complement to the dessert and petit fours.

 Lerouy petit four

Our lunch at Restaurant Lerouy was very enjoyable. There was nothing too pretentious but every dish was good quality food beautifully presented. There was not a single item which we did not like. For the price of a main dish in some restaurants we had a delightful 3 course lunch at Lerouy. Restaurant Lerouy by Chef Christophe Lerouy must be one of the best places for affordable casual fine dining in Singapore.

Restautrant Lerouy
3 Stanley Street
Singapore 068722

Tel No: +65 6221 3639

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
Lunch 12 noon – 2pm
Dinner 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Nearby MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer

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