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Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 – set lunch at a restaurant with attached wine shop in Upper Bukit Timah

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 is one of the larger restaurants at this suburban mall along Hillview Road in the Bukit Timah area. It is more popular in the evenings when working folks in the area congregate for some food and wine. In the day time, it is relatively quiet. A couple of lunchtime set lunch menus make it more attractive to dine here in the afternoon. There is also the attached Wine Connection wine shop which certainly makes wine selection more interesting than browsing through a wine list.

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 Entrance
Wine Connection Bistro HillV2

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 has a bright contemporary look. We like the spaciousness of the restaurant. The Wine Connection wine shop is linked to it. There is a wide selection of wine including many affordable wines priced at less than $50 per bottle. Diners can pick the wine at the shop to be served in the bistro, but do take note of the prices. Some of them have dine-in prices that are higher than retail prices.

The Wine Shop

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 Menu

At lunchtime on weekdays, the Bistro offers a 2 Course Set Lunch priced at $18++. Select and pizza or pasta dish plus a salad or soup or dessert. The pizzas and pastas cost between $12 to $20 each, so this deal makes sense if the higher priced items are selected, essentially getting a free second course. On this basis, we selected a carnivore pizza and a chocolate brownie with ice cream which would have cost $26 ($19 + $7).

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 Set Lunch Menu

We were also attracted by the “Great Value Offer” of Australian Angus Sirloin ($19.90++) and decided to try it.


We took a walk around the Wine Connection wine shop after placing our orders. Most of the wines were quite unfamiliar to us. We ended up with this bottle of wine with a rude name. We had never heard of it, but selected it for 3 reasons. The dine-in price ($32) was the same as the retail price with no mark-up. It was a Pinot Noir which we hoped would be soft and easy to drink once opened. We were curious how a bottle of wine with such a name would taste.

Fat Bastard Pinot Noir from Wine Connection

The $19.90 turned out to be a good buy. The 250 gram steak was a good size. There was no inedible bits. The texture and taste was good – exceeding expectations.

The carnivore pizza lived up to its name. There was quite a lot of bits of meat and sausages on it. The taste was ok but within expectations. As for the wine, the Fat Bastard was not bad. We had it slightly chilled and it was a pleasant fruity drink that reminded us of Ribena. The low alcohol level (12.5%) probably contributed to its easy-going character. For a $32++ wine in a restaurant it was better than we expected.

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2 Carnivore Pizza

The dessert of chocolate brownie and ice-cream was a nice way to end our meal at Wine Connection Bistro HillV2. It was a sizeable dessert and more than ample to be shared by two persons.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Wine Connection Bistro HillV2
4 HillView Rise, #02-05/06
Singapore 667979

Tel: +65 6710-7138

Opening Hours: 11:30AM11PM. Last Order: 1 hr before closing time.


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It's true, some wines improve with age. But only if the grapes were good in the first place.

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