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A Simple Lunch at Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court

Relish by Wild Rocket at Cluny Court in Bukit Timah is one of our favourite places to eat around that area. We have written more extensively about it in an earlier post Relish @ Cluny Court by Wild Rocket – burger restaurant and more. You can find more pictures about the place and the food there. This time we decided not to try our usual favourite items – the Wild Rocket Burger and the hae bee hiam pasta. We had a simple lunch of two items that we had not tried before.

Cluny Court
Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court

Although Relish by Wild Rocket is situated in a building along the very busy Bukit Timah Road, the restaurant is an oasis of calm and coolness. A nice place to escape from the hot and bright world outside. The decor is simple but tastefully done. There is a constant flow of diners but seldom feels congested. The only negative thing about dining at Cluny Court that we can think of is the extremely small underground car park. Parking there in anything larger than a VW Golf requires lots of patience.

Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court
Relish by Wild Rocket Menu

This is a picture of part of the Relish Menu (the full menu is stored in iPad format) and a bird’s eye view of what we ate that day. We had the crab meat linguine ($22.8), sweet potato fries ($9.30) and tuna donburi ($16.80).

The sweet potato fries were the first to arrive. Delicious with or without the dip, it gave us something to munch on while waiting for the main courses to arrive.

The tuna donburi looked not only attractive but healthy as well. Slices of seared tuna and avocado and a soft egg topped a bowl of grains. Every component tasted good. The end part when everything got partially mashed and mixed up tasted even better. It was a small portion and may not be enough for those with a big appetite. But it was good as it forced us to reduce our meal size.

Tuna Donburi

The crab meat linguine was also served in a modest portion. There were generous amounts of crab meat in the tomato sauce. It was a good pasta which we would be normally satisfied with, but not at the high standards we have seen at Relish. Their hae bee hiam pasta is superior by far. We had a bit of regret not ordering the tried and tested. But I guess nothing ventured nothing gained.


Relish by Wild Rocket
501 Bukit Timah Road #02-01 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760

Tel:  +65 6763 1547 for reservation

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Last order: 9pm)

Nearby MRT Station: Botanic Gardens


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