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So Pho Ion Orchard – Simple and nice Vietnamese food

So Pho Ion Orchard is one of 17 outlets that this Vietnamese restaurant has opened in Singapore. Soon, #18 will open at the Jewel Changi Airport. We see them at so many of the major shopping malls with its witty tagline “So Pho So Good”. We had a chance to check out some Vietnamese dishes at So Pho Ion Orchard recently.

So Pho Ion Orchard (B4)
So Pho Ion Orchard

Like many cafes these days, the decor of So Pho Ion Orchard is simple and pleasant. It is the kind of place where we would go not just to eat but is also nice enough to socialise with our friends. At a price point of approximately $15 per person, it is the type of place that appeals to shoppers and office workers alike.

So Pho Ion Orchard Menu

So Pho prides itself on its Vietnamese pho – noodles in a bowl of good hot broth. In addition to pho, there are also many Vietnamese food items on the menu. Here are pictures of some portions of the large menu. The value set menu of $13.80 looks like good value for money, especially when dining alone.

So Pho Ion Orchard Menu
So Pho Ion Orchard Value Set Meal

Mixed Appetisers

We started our meal at So Pho Ion with the platter of mixed appetisers ($12.50) – two sticks of prawn cakes on sugar cane, two spring rolls and some “summer rolls”. The summer rolls are fresh spring rolls (not deep fried). I guess they are called summer rolls as they are served cool and contain lots of vegetables. A refreshing snack on a hot summer day. The deep-fried spring rolls were more predictable. The best item was the prawn cakes which had very good flavours and texture. I am not sure that serving them on sugar cane skewers added much to the taste but they do enhance the presentation and tactile feel.


Seafood Fried Rice

We decided to try a rice item from the “So Comforting” section of the menu. We chose the Vietnamese seafood fried rice ($10.80) that had a star next to it on the menu and was highly recommended. It was a good choice. The thing that won us over was the gentle but obvious lemongrass fragrance. The smell was followed by a very tasty basket of the fried rice. Some bits of seafood can be found inside. The overall balance of flavours was enjoyable.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles

We tried Pho Bo – Vietnames sliced beef noodles ($9.8). Bean sprouts, fresh red chilli and a slice of lime were provided on the side. We added the whole lot into the bowl. The chilli was more potent than expected but still manageable. The bean sprouts added crunch to the dish. The broth was certainly good, as were the beef and noodles. A pleasant dish that we will want to eat again.

But the item that sticks in our mind and make us want to go back again soon is the Vietnamese seafood fried rice.

So Pho Ion
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-19 ION
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6634 0571

Opening Hours:
Daily 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard

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