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Dinner at Duckland Restaurant in United Square, but we did not eat duck

Duckland Restaurant in United Square is a new outlet opened by TungLok Restaurant group. It is an unusual name for a restaurant but at least it makes clear what to expect at the place. Except that when we got there, their signature duck dishes were sold out. Duckland was more popular than we expected. There seems to be more duck restaurants opening recently, including the Yan Chuan Roaster restaurant that we wrote about yesterday. Is duck the new chicken?

Duckland Restaurant is a neat and practical place. It was full on a weekday evening. These tranquil pictures were taken after our dinner. I suppose the attractive price for duck ($50 for a whole Irish roast duck) is a crowd pleaser. The staff handled the crowd well and even gave us some vouchers as a gesture of goodwill for us being unable to eat duck in Duckland.

Duckland Menu

The Duckland menu is big and glossy with beautiful pictures of their dishes. The choice of items is not very wide but adequate. Here are pictures of some portions of the menu. In the absence of duck, we decided to have charcoal grilled babyback ribs ($28), Irish lamb stew ($22), duck rice ($2) and Funky Fries ($7).

Duckland Menu

The Duckland Irish lamb stew was a bowl of robust lamb stew. If we have winter in Singapore, this would be a dish to warm a cold winter’s night. Those who like soup kambing will like it as it has as strong a gamey taste as the popular local version. My dining companion who prefers lamb with a mild taste did not like it. The stew can be eaten with rice or fries.

Duckland Irish lamb stew

The Duckland babyback ribs was a more regular dish. It was a long rack of ribs. It was a lean style of ribs, with little fat and therefore quite dry. The meat was soft but not falling-off-the-bone soft. The accompanying vegetables were attractive. We thought that it was an average dish.

Duckland Babyback Ribs

Our side dishes were the duck rice (above picture) and funky fries. The former was a small portion of rice cooked with duck fat. There were three flavours of fries. We tried the truffle flavour. Both the rice and fries were good, particularly to eat with the heavy lamb stew.

We were unable to eat duck at Duckland that day, but the popular demand is consistent with our own experience at TungLok’s other restaurant – TungLok XiHe in Orchard Central. It seems that the same kind of Irish Silver Hill duck is used at both places. We had a good experience with the TungLok Peking duck at XiHe. You can read about our visit here.

Duckland Restaurant
101 Thomson Road
United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591

Chope Reservations

Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Novena

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