Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe – Delicious cakes, expensive coffee

We were attracted by the Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe. With a dark sophisticated decor and a chiller displaying enticing cakes, it was the place where we decided to go for coffee and desserts after our lunch. We are fans of the Signature All Chocolate Cake. We are happiest when we receive one for our birthday or if such a cake is served at a birthday celebration we are attending. We therefore had high expectations of the cafe.

Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe
Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe

We were slightly disappointed to discover that the AC signature chocolate cake was not sold in slices at the cafe. But there were enough other choices to get our chocolate fix. We selected the chocolate flourless cake ($7.90 for a slice) and the chocolate praline cake ($8.90 each) which looks like an eclair.

We ordered some coffee ($6 for black, $7 each for cappucino & flat white) to go with the cakes.

Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe Menu

The dining area which looked dark and sophisticated from far started to look less attractive as we got ourselves a table. The bench seating was narrow with upright backs. Not a place we can sit for long with our less than perfect postures.

Awfully Chocolate VivoCity Cafe dining area
Chocolate praline cake

The cakes arrived first. They looked and tasted gorgeous. The chocolate praline cake was certainly a pricey indulgence but the beautifully rich chocolate on a base of hazelnuts made it worthwhile.

The flourless cake was not as delicious but was still pleasing with its high level of chocolatey taste.

Chocolate flourless cake

The coffee was a big disappointment. Served in paper cups, they scored low in our books for both looks and in taste. The wonderful cakes deserve better coffee companions.

Awfully Chocolate VivoCity (Cafe)
1 HarbourFront Walk #01-155/156
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6410 9725

Opening Hours: 10am10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Harbourfront


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